Toddler and Family Program

A program for parents with their young children. It’s about way more than horses – it’s a place for kids to develop important life skills.


Did you know that involving children with horses can improve their learning, memory, cognitive abilities, and life skills?

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What is the program?

Parent(s) can come with their children and enjoy a session of learning with horses – getting to touch, observe, listen, and do different games and tasks with horses.

Children experience the fun and excitement of working with horses, but they also practice many skills to help with confidence, leadership, language, and team work.

The sessions are geared towards toddlers (pre kindergarten), and are open for families to attend (with kids of different ages). Children participate at their own level (with assistance from their parent(s) as needed).

There is no minimum or maximum age to attend, however all children need to be supervised by parent(s) at all times to help ensure safety.

Some of the activities include:

  • grooming horses
  • leading horses
  • learning about horses (colours, breeds, etc)
  • learning about horse care (how they live, how to feed them, etc)
  • riding (during the horse friends group the toddlers do not get on the horses until several sessions into the program)

The program is structured so kids are learning and having fun with different games and interactions with horses.

The program includes some outdoor and indoor activities, and during cold days there is a heated education room to play games in or learn, while taking a break to warm up. 

“My daughter just had the best experience at toddler classes.  For the last 6 weeks she has talked about Alicia and Louie (one cannot forget the cat), Angel and Dreamer.
My 2 1/2 year old has been telling everyone she meets about the horses she feeds, and grooms and pets and walks.
She has learned what a halter is and explains it to people, she knows Angel is “peanut” colour (ok, so peanut and chestnut are close, right.) She remembers that Dreamer is a palomino.
Alicia was an amazing teacher, very patient and very good at explaining and helping.  She was able to teach her so much in a short amount of time.
She had the time of her life.  I would recommend the class to anyone with a toddler interested in horses.” Jennifer Avery


It is a weekly program. Please check our registration page to see what is currently offered. Sign up is for the fall, winter, spring, or summer season.

Use our Horse Friends Series to find the available Toddler Classes. 

How much?

Use our Horse Friends Series to find the available Toddler Classes.