Terms and Conditions


If you use your own horse and are boarded at PHH then you get 15% off lessons and horse friends. You will be given a coupon code that you can use on checkout. If you forget and do not use your coupon code, then you will not receive your discount on purchased lessons.

The same is true for any other coupon – if you forget to include it with your purchase you will not be refunded a difference later.


  • Some services (lessons and horse friends) are subject to a bad weather cancellation policy where if Durham Region buses north of hwy 7 are canceled, so are PHH services. In which case they will be rescheduled.
  • “My days” are not cancelled due to weather.




  • Only services that are paid for can be scheduled.
  • You can reply to the payment confirmation email or email phhschedule@gmail.com to book your paid service.
  • You can view available time slots and booked services by viewing our online calander. You can also request dates/times not listed on the calendar but they are subject to staff availability.
  • Allow at least one week’s notice for scheduling.
  • For safety, all riders with practice rides are booked when staff are onsite until they reach such a level that it is not needed for PHH staff to be onsite.
  • For safety, only riders that have been assessed by a coach and determined to be ready for practice rides/”my days” can book those services.
  • For safey, all students part boarding, doing practice rides, or half boarding must also be in lessons (minimum of one per month) or horse friends.
  • Feel free to contact us via phhschedule@gmail.com to check availability or options of any service before paying.

Refunds and Rescheduling

  • Once a service is paid for it is nonrefundable.
  • Horse claims, part boarding/half boarding, and practice rides are non transferable and cannot be rescheduled.
  • Lessons and most other services are transferable – please email phhschedule@gmail.com if you would like to give your service to someone else and discuss options – the person you give the service to must also be safely able to participate. For example you can’t give a group jumping lesson service to someone who doesn’t know how to ride.
  • Once a service is booked (and posted to the online calendar), it can only be rescheduled once, provided 1 week (7 days) notice is given. After the service is rebooked, it cannot be rescheduled again.
  • All ‘my days’ and practice rides need to be used within the month.
  • All paid lessons or other services need to be booked within 3 months or they expire – the exception is horse training. The horse training deposit is required to hold the horse’s spot which may be longer than 3 months away from the date of payment. The remaining balance for training is due before the horse arrives for training.
  • If a lesson or horse friends is cancelled due to bad weather (in line with bus cancellations for Durham Region buses north of hwy 7) then it will be rescheduled.
  • There are no cancellations due to bad weather for ‘my days’ and practice rides. 
  • Horse Friends sessions cannot be rescheduled unless canceled due to weather.
  • Cancellations due to bad weather: In the event school buses are cancelled in Durham Region north of hwy 7 region (sometimes all of Durham Region cancels and sometimes only north of hwy 7 because this is the snow belt area), lessons will be cancelled and no lessons will run – even if the weather appears to have cleared later in the day, if school buses did not run, neither will PHH lessons that day (NOTE we do not base cancellations on Kawartha lakes buses because often buses are cancelled in Kawartha Lakes from snow around the lakes which is further north than we are – we are very close to Durham Region and that is a better judge of the roads near us. So if Kawartha Lakes buses are canceled but Durham Region buses are all running then PHH lessons are all still running). Please listen to your radio or contact us to check if you are unsure. If school buses are running but a storm appears later in the day, we will determine on a case by case basis if we need to cancel lessons. If it is a weekend and thus no school buses, we will base this decision on a case by case basis. We will notify of cancellations by means of a post to Facebook on the Partridge Horse Hill page and group. You can also check by emailing us. Cancelled horse friends sessions due to weather will be rescheduled this will be based on coach/horse availability and the majority of the horse friends group. The rescheduled date needs to be before the spring series starts.
  • In the event a coach needs to cancel a session, a substitute coach will be provided. In the event no substitute coach is available (for example a coach is sick and we can’t find someone last minute), we will reschedule the session.

Group Experiences

Thank you for choosing to have an event at Partridge Horse Hill. We hope you have an enjoyable time. This agreement is to help have clear communication of what to expect from each other.

Partridge Horse Hill:

  • Provide an indoor space for your event, including an indoor riding space. If weather permits, outdoors will be an option.
  • Use horses that are well trained and suited to group events and beginners.
  • Have staff that has experience and knowledge with horses, clients, and the facility.
  • Provide a space to have meal/seating area – there are two different options available indoors. Area 1 is a picnic table area indoors. Area 2 is our viewing room which has couches, table, chairs, tv/blue ray plaer. There is no running water in either space, however there is cold running water available at the farm in the barn and outside. The space is available for up to 2hrs before or after your horse activity.
  • Outdoors there are seating areas by the riding ring and obstacle ring, as well a gazebo, chairs and folding portable tables that you can set up outside.
  • Provide a port a potty for use.
  • Provide a microwave, kettle, and mini fridge for use.

The Event Organizer:

  • Finalize the numbers a minimum of one week before the event. At which time if your numbers exceed the amount you paid for then the remaining balance is due.
  • Your payment is nonrefundable.
  • Leave the areas of the farm in clean condition. To help keep the area clean use table cloths (at the expense of the event organizer) or wipe down the tables. If garbage/mess/spills are left there is a $50 clean up fee. If juice/liquid is spilled on the couches/chairs in the viewing room there is a $100 cleaning fee.
  • If choosing to set up a sitting area outside, the event organizer will set up the chairs/tables as they wish and return them to the indoor arena when done.
  • Have all participants complete waivers and media forms (either complete printed forms at the farm, send the website links to the participants to complete online, or put all participants on one form).

Thank you very much for choosing Partridge Horse Hill.