Summer Horse Camp 2020

“Just wanted to let you know that Lyndsay thoroughly enjoyed horse camp.  She learned a lot and was exhausted at the end of each day (which is a good thing!).  She definitely wants to do camp again next summer.” Cindy V

  • We give campers the MOST time with horses! campfieldOther than breaks and lunch the kids spend pretty much all day with horses. Sometimes they will play a game to burn off some energy, but usually everything is with the horses.
  • Harmony Horsemanship: We are the only summer camp in Ontario to teach harmony horsemanship – we teach campers how to connect with their horse, how to understand their horse, and how to play with their horse on the ground and in the saddle so they can have a safer and better riding experience.
  • Our safety standards are very high – riding instruction requires one coach for 6 students, and we often exceed safety standards having 2 staff to a group of 6. With beginners/young kids our support ratio is often 1 to 1 or 1 to 2.
  • Our campers learn everything about horses and get tons of hands on experience. Campers learn how to get their horse from the paddock safely, get the horse ready to ride, play with them on the ground, and ride. It’s a complete experience of being with horses.
  • We really tailor activities to the campers – beginners will get a lot of supervised play and riding with horses to boost their confidence and help them learn. Advanced riders will get time to practice more advanced skills
  • Our goal is to give your camper a safe and fun experience with horses – going way beyond the normal horse camp program… we want to show your camper how to really connect with horses – how to play, how to understand them, how to be safe with horses, how to care for them, how to ride, and how to get a horse to want to work for you.
  • We offer the most most variety – English, jumping, western, trails, bareback, ground games, and more!
  • We are conveniently located in Pontypool right on Hwy 35! Pontypool is part of Kawartha Lakes and is central to Lindsay, Port Perry and Oshawa and very close to Blackstock, Nestleton Station, Orono, Cavan, and Bethany (within approx 10 min), and close to Newcastle, Bowmanville, Lindsay, Peterborough, Millbrook, Janetville, Yelverton, Oshawa, Kirby, Port Pery, Peterborough, and the surrounding areas (within approx 20-30min).

If you are using a map or GPS to find our address, please note we are on Hwy 35 between Telecom and Waite Rd at 531. We are south of hwy 7A and north of the junction of hwy 115 by about 5 minutes. Many GPS tell you to go way too far north – so be careful you have the right address!

To inquire about a 2020 position as a coach, counselor, helper or volunteer please email

Campers bring their own meals and snacks which they have at the picnic tables in the indoor arena. Campers are able to wash hands at the hand washing station.

A lot.

This really depends on the camper. Campers that are more experienced generally get more riding time because they are able to get their horses ready faster and they are easier to manage as a whole group for riding. Beginners are often given more private instruction where they are one on one with an instructor and horse, but then they also spend more time sharing a horse with a group and taking turns through different activities because it is safer than giving each beginner their own horse depending on what we are doing in the lesson or game.

Many campers that have gone to other riding camps and then come to ours have commented how much more time they have gotten to spend with horses and riding than other camps.

We also do natural horsemanship ground games, so although campers are not riding for all of their lesson they are learning how to play with horses and be safe with horses on the ground as well as riding.

During a day there are typically 4 activities, and usually at least 2 of those activities involve some type of riding, and 1 activity might be all ground games and 1 activity is horse care or games.

Boots with a heel, long pants, a change of clothes, gloves are recommended, a helmet (we have a selection you can borrow but we don’t guarantee we’ll have one to fit you), a refillable water bottle, rain coat, sun screen, and your lunch & snacks.

It is always a good idea to bring your own helmet because then you know it fits and is clean. It does need to be an ASTM equestrian safety certified helmet (sold at tack/equestrian stores). We do have a selection of helmets that campers can borrow from.

  • Can I bring my own horse to camp?

Yes we are usually able to accomodate campers bringing their own horse to camp. Campers with their own horse need to bring their hay, shavings, water bucket, tack, and grain for their horse.

  • Where are you located?

531 Hwy 35, Pontypool, Ontario, L0A 1K0

Location: We are located on Highway 35 between Telecom Rd and Waite Rd. This is south of hwy 7A, and north of the hwy 115 junction with hwy 35. We are about 15 minutes south of Lindsay, 15 minutes east of Port Perry, 15 minutes west of Cavan/Millbrook area, and 15 minutes north of Bowmanville.

  • How do I register?

Please click this link to go to our Registration Form