Horses in the Movies

Dreamer in Unbridled 2016
Dreamer in Unbridled 2016

Lindsey and her team of horses can work with you to provide safe and talented horses to make your vision come to life.

Lindsey has performed with horses for television with Rogers Daytime TV, Ride with Me, and The Horse’s Eye.

For the 2016 feature film ‘Unbridled,’ Lindsey trained and provided the horse ‘Dreamer’ who starred as the lead role, as well performed with her horse ‘Soar.’

The producer, director, cast and crew have all been impressed with calm, safe, and responsive talent of Lindsey’s horses.

Dreamer playing dead during blocking for a scene
Dreamer playing dead during blocking for a scene

Our horses can perform a variety of tasks including:

  • play dead
  • rear
  • run to specific marks or targets
  • hug
  • kiss
  • bow
  • obstacles and jumps
  • be ridden with no bridle or saddle

Our horses can travel to your location – anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Dreamers first night on set of Unbridled
Dreamers first night on set of Unbridled

We have a wide variety of horses to choose from – please meet our horses here.

If you are interested in having Lindsey and our horses be part of your film or media please contact us by emailing

Watch our testimonial video featuring actress’s Jenn Gotzon, Rachel Hendrix, director John David Ware, and Line producer JD Demers.

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