Do you want to bring your horse to come play on our obstacles and jumps? You can trailer your horse in for schooling opportunities. During the time your can practice with our equipment and feel free to set up what you need to practice – just be courteous to the other riders in the ring (if applicable).



Do you want to come ride and play at our farm? You can trailer your own horse to our farm for schooling opportunities.

  • You can use our outdoor sand ring, outdoor obstacle park (weather/footing permitting), and/or our indoor arena while you are here.
  • You are welcome to set up obstacles/jumps as you like provided it does not interfere with boarders/students sharing the ring (if other people are riding at the same time as you).  You do not have to put everything back the way it was – you just need to leave the ring in such a way that there is space to ride around and nothing is left out that might tangle up a horse (for example don’t leave a drag rope on the ground).
  • If you want to ride with no one else in the ring we recommend booking late in the evening (8 or 9pm) when boarders and students are likely to be finished.
  • Rules: all riders need to complete a waiver, and tidy up after themselves and their horse (including mucking any poop in the arena or to/from your trailer). Schooling time is for approxiately 1hr. Each fee is per horse for 1hr (time tacking up your horse onsite does not count as schooling time, as well we are reasonably flexible that if your horse is struggling with something and needs to end on a good note that you can take a bit longer).


  • You can book schooling time outside of lesson times. We do not offer exclusive use of the ring, so it is possible a boarder may be riding in the ring at the same time as your schooling – however we find that it is easy to be courteous to each other and share the space.
  • You can look at our online calendar to view when lessons are scheduled (to look for schooling times available outside of lessons). As well we need to make sure a staff person is onsite. You can email to confirm your schooling/date time but nothing will be booked on the schedule until payment is received.


  • There are no refunds for schooling.
  • If you book a schooling and need to reschedule you can do so with a weeks notice. Once it is rescheduled it cannot be rescheduled again.


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