More Than Just Lessons


You can do more than just lessons. We have practice rides, horse claims, part boarding and half boarding options to help you spend more time with horses and have horse ownership experiences.



You can do more than just lessons, we offer:

  • Horse Claims,
  • Part Boarding,
  • Half Boarding, and
  • Practice Rides or Horse Use Fees.

Part boarding and half boarding can be the perfect option for experiencing what it is like to own a horse. Some benefits include:

  • having a well trained horse that you know and have done lessons with.
  • if the horse gets injured/is unavailable you are able to substitute with another available horse.
  • the experience of horse ownership without extra fees like there are with horse ownership (vet, farrier, deworming).


  • A Horse claim is a monthly fee that ensures your horse during your lessons and gives you use of a locker at the farm.
    • Horse claims are for one calendar month at a time.
    • Lockers are subject to availability and you may share with the other person that has a claim on the same horse (maximum of 2 people can claim a horse).
  • Practice Rides or Horse Use Fees:
    • Practice rides are a scheduled date/time that you can come for a practice ride. This is unsupervised time to practice the skills that you are learning in lessons – with the exception that there is to be no jumping higher than cross rails.
    • Please get approval from your coach that you are ready for practice rides before purchasing. Horses are to be treated fairly during practice rides and should never be worked into a deep sweat or heavy breathing during a practice ride. Practice rides are limited to an hour of ground play and an hour of riding. 
    • Practice rides are booked individually, and anyone can book a practice ride provided their coach says they are ready.
    • Horse Use Fees are for when you take a horse to an offsite show or activity. They cost the same as practice rides so you can use them interchangeably.
    • Half boarders do not pay horse use fees, part boarders do.
  • Part Boarding is when you have the same perks as a horse claim plus you get:
    • one day each week to enjoy your horse on “my days.”
    • To part board you must be enrolled in lessons either through horse friends, or separately purchased on the lessons page.
    • Part boarding fees are per calendar month.
  • Half Boarding is when you have the same perks as a horse claim plus you get:
    • two days each week to enjoy your horse on “my days,”
    • you do not pay any ‘horse use fees’ if you take the horse to an offsite show or activity,
    • you get a 15% coupon code to use for lessons/horse friends, and
    • you get exclusivity to your horse (no one else can claim them but on the days that aren’t use they may still be in lessons with other students).
    • To half board you must be enrolled in lessons either through horse friends, or separately purchased on the lessons page.
    • Half boarding fees are per calendar month.
  • “My Days” are days of the week where the horse is ‘yours’ and you can come spend time with and ride your horse. More details down below. If you have “my days” in your package you do not need to buy practice rides unless you want more rides beyond what is included in your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can do a horse claim or part board on the same horse?

  • Each horse can have a maximum of two people claiming them and be booked for a maximum of two “my days.”
  • This means a horse could have
    • one half boarder, or
    • two part boarders, or
    • one horse claim and one part boarder.
  • If there are two people claiming one horse, the one that began part boarding/horse claim first will be called the primary claim holder and will have first choice over lesson days and available practice days. If the primary claim holder stops the horse claim/part boarding at any time then the other person becomes the primary claim holder.
  • If someone is not the primary claim holder but wants to upgrade to half board they may take priority (please discuss with us so we can ensure both students can have suitable options), however if they drop back down to part board/horse claim within 6 months of starting half board, we will offer the priority horse claim status back to the previous primary claim holder.
  • Locker availability is limited, and if two people are claiming the same horse they may need to share a locker.

For part boarding and half boarding how do ‘my days’ work?

  • Typically the days that are available are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday.
  • Typically you have the same days each week for the whole month, but it is possible to reschedule your days subject to availability.
  • If you are new to “my days”, we ask you come to the farm when staff is there (either coaching, or from 5-7pm when chores typically are) so that someone is available if needed. Once you have enough experience, you will be able to come whenever you want to on your day, and can hang out with your horse as much as you want to just like as if they are your own horse. Riding and jumping limits still apply, however exceptions can be granted if booked in advance such as going for a trail ride longer than 1hr.
  • It is up to you if you book your lessons on “my days” or a different day of the week – your lessons do not have to be scheduled on “my days.”

What happens if a horse gets injured or becomes unavailable?

  • In the event the requested horse is injured or becomes unavailable, a substitute horse will be provided to complete the services.

What horses are available?

  • Please email us at to check availability

How it works

  • Only services that are paid for can be scheduled.
  • You can reply to the payment confirmation email that you get with your preferred ‘my days’ or practice rides, or email
  • You can view available time slots and booked services by viewing our online calander.
  • Allow at least one week’s notice for scheduling.
  • For safety, all riders with practice rides are booked when staff are onsite until they reach such a level that it is not needed for PHH staff to be onsite.
  • For safety, only riders that have been assessed by a coach and determined to be ready for practice rides/”my days” can book those services.
  • For safey, all students part boarding, doing practice rides, or half boarding must also be in lessons (minimum of one per month) or horse friends.

Refunds and Rescheduling

  • Once a service is paid for it is nonrefundable. Horse claims, part boarding/half boarding, and practice rides are non transferable. Lessons and most other services are transferable – please email if you would like to give your service to someone else and discuss options.
  • Once a service is booked, it can only be rescheduled once, provided 1 week (7 days) notice is given. After the service is rebooked, it cannot be rescheduled again. All ‘my days’ and practice rides need to be used within the month.
  • There are no cancellations due to bad weather for ‘my days’ and practice rides. 

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