Horse lessons at Partridge Horse Hill offer a lot of options for all ages and levels – from ground work and liberty to riding in English or Western over obstacles or jumps we have something for everyone.

Here you can book individual lessons. If you want to register for a weekly lesson in our Horse Friends program (weekly lessons for 10 weeks with the same date/time every week) please click here.



About Horseback Riding and Ground Work Lessons

  • Lessons at Partridge Horse Hill are focused on your goals – if you want to do a lesson on ground work, western games, jumping, or trail tasks we can tailor the activities to suit your needs.
  • We have a variety of well trained lesson horses – some of them are even movie stars!
  • We have an indoor arena with dust free footing, a heated viewing room for parents to watch, a variety of coaches, and lots of jumps, obstacles, and fun equipment to use to keep lessons interesting and fun.
  • Students have lots of opportunities – to help at the farm, attend shows, come to social events (Christmas parties, movie nights, etc), take part in clinics from world renowned clinicians, and more.
  • We promote bonding and connecting with horses – we try our best to keep you with the same horse, and you are welcome to come early and stay late to spend extra time with ‘your horse’ to groom and get to know each other.
  • All lessons start with at least one ground exercise so we can make sure the horses are safe and ready to ride.
  • Tasks are suited to your level. For example if you want to work on jumping but are new to jumping then you might be going over poles, practicing steering patterns and learning the jumping position (two point). As you progress we can raise the jumps.
  • Lessons can be booked for any age level, but parents of young/small children (under 7 years) should be available during the lesson to assist with the lesson (for supervising, spotting the child on the horse, etc) as needed for safety.
  • Part of the lesson is getting the horse tacked up, groomed and ready to ride. This includes getting the horse from the field and getting equipment out. Once you have learnt how to do this, you can come before the lesson to get the horse ready.
  • We specialize in jumpers, extreme cowboy/obstacle challenges, liberty, bridleless, and pleasure riding. We offer showing opportunities to students for jumpers and extreme cowboy.
  • If you are booking a group or semi private lesson, you need to have your group member(s) already arranged. When booking please let us know the member(s) of your group. If you want to be part of a group lesson but don’t have anyone to sign up with you, you can take a look at our Horse Friends Series which are weekly lessons that you can sign up for a day/time of the week and join the group that works for you. We offer the Horse Friends as a series for Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer so you sign up for 3 weeks at a time.
  • A semi private lesson guarantees only 2 people in your lesson. A group is a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 people. If you make a group lesson with 2 people, more people might join your lesson. Typically we have a maxiumum of 4 people in a lesson, but for special circumstances can have up to 6 people (for example if you are booking a special occasion with your friends and want to have 6 people).
  • All clients who pay for services accept our liability and media policy.

How it works

  • If you want weekly lessons in the same day/time slot with the best pricing, check out our horse friends program. 
  • Only lessons/events that are paid for can be scheduled.
  • Booking: You can reply to the payment confirmation email that you get with your preferred date/time/coach for you lesson, or email phhschedule@gmail.com, you are also welcome to email us before purchasing to confirm availability.
  • You can view available time slots and booked services by viewing our online calander. You can request lesson dates/times outside of the available slots, but allow at least a week’s notice for scheduling.
  • PHH lessons are with Ally or Caileigh-Anne. Please let us know if you have a coach preference when you are booking your lesson. You can learn more about our staff on our staff page. Typically for scheduling:
    • Ally is available Mondays and sometimes on different days
    • Caileigh-Anne is available Thursday evenings, Saturdays and some other dates occasionally
  • Lessons with Lindsey are booked with Lindsey Partridge – Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor, founder of Harmony Horsemanship and president of the Natural Horsemanship Association. She is a 3 time champion of the Thoroughbred Makeover, freestyle judge, jumper champion, and horse trainer for feature films and television. Lindsey is also a Registered Nurse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long are lessons? Lessons are booked hourly. We recommend booking 2hrs for a first lesson.
  • Do we need our own helmet? No – we have a selection of helmets available but we recommend having your own so you can ensure a good fit.
  • What should I wear? Long pants, boots with a heel (cowboy boots, English paddock boots or hiking boots), we recommend gloves, and dressing for the weather. Even though we have an indoor riding ring it is not heated, so in the winter you might want to dress as if you are going skiing. We do have a heated education room to warm up in if you get cold, but dress for the weather.
  • What do the different colours mean on the online calendar? Each coach has their own colour – If you scroll to the bottom of the calendar it shows you a legend of what the colours mean.
  • Will a coach come to our farm to teach there? No we do not offer this service. Lindsey can be booked for half day or full day workshops. You can learn more about booking Lindsey for a clinic/workshop here. You can also visit www.HarmonyHorsemanship.ca to find a certified instructor near you that might travel to your location.
  • Can I bring my horse to your farm for lessons? You can trailer in for lessons, and we do allow short boarding stays so you can attend multiple lessons. Email us to check availability.
  • What horses to you have? Meet our horses and ponies here
  • I have my own horse, can I get lessons? Yes – you can either board at our farm and take lessons with your horse, or you can trailer into the farm and bring your own horse for lessons.
  • Do you get a discount if you have your own horse? If you use your own horse and are boarded at PHH then you get 15% off. You will be given a coupon code that you can use on checkout. If you forget and do not use your coupon code, then you will not receive your discount on purchased lessons.

Refunds and Rescheduling

  • Once a service is paid for it is nonrefundable. However you can transfer it to another person. For example if you book a private lesson and decide you no longer want to use it, you can give it to a friend. Simply connect us via email and have them book the service. Exception – if booking group/semi private lessons, then the person joining the lesson needs to be safe for the group. For example if Sally rides in a group jumping lesson and she cancels and wants to give her lesson to Emily who does not know how to jump, then this is not a safe substitute and is not allowed.
  • Once a service is booked, it can only be rescheduled one time, provided 1 week (7 days) notice is given. After the service is rebooked, it cannot be rescheduled again.
  • All services must be used within 3 months or they are forfeited.
  • Cancellations due to bad weather: In the event school buses are cancelled in Durham Region north of hwy 7 region (sometimes all of Durham Region cancels and sometimes only north of hwy 7 because this is the snow belt area), lessons will be cancelled and no lessons will run – even if the weather appears to have cleared later in the day, if school buses did not run, neither will PHH lessons that day (NOTE we do not base cancellations on Kawartha lakes buses because often buses are cancelled in Kawartha Lakes from snow around the lakes which is further north than we are – we are very close to Durham Region and that is a better judge of the roads near us. So if Kawartha Lakes buses are canceled but Durham Region buses are all running then PHH lessons are all still running). Please listen to your radio or contact us to check if you are unsure. If school buses are running but a storm appears later in the day, we will determine on a case by case basis if we need to cancel lessons. If it is a weekend and thus no school buses, we will base this decision on a case by case basis and will notify students via email as timely as possible if lessons are canceled due to weather. We will notify of cancellations by means of a post to Facebook on the Partridge Horse Hill page and group. You can also check by emailing us. Cancelled horse friends sessions due to weather will be rescheduled.
  • In the event a coach needs to cancel a session, a substitute coach will be provided. In the event no substitute coach is available, we will reschedule the session.

Additional Information


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