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Horse Friends – our weekly lesson series that gives you a consistent lesson group with the same day/time each week. It is the most economical choice for lessons, and gives students the chance to get to know each other and their horses really well.

Horse Friends lessons are limited to a maximum of 4 students per lesson which exceeds Ontario standards of 6 to 1.

Read down below for more information.

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Welcome to our horse friends program – a weekly lesson program to give consistent lessons at the same time/day each week for the duration of the series.

When you sign up for horse friends, because the lessons are consistent every week for the series, it really helps students progress because it is the same group every week and they work towards their goals throughout the whole series. It is also great because the students get to know each other really well.

Horse Friends Weekly series are the most economical way to take part in lessons.

The Series Options

  • Winter Series (Starts first week of January, 10 sessions)
    • January-March
  • Spring Series (Starts 3rd Week of March, 10 sessions)
    • For 2020 the first week will start March 23 and end the week of May 26, 2020 = 10 sessions
    • Lindsey’s series will include Tuesdays March 31, April 7, 14
  • Early Summer Series (Starts end of May, June)
    • For 2020 this will be a 4 week series that runs from June 1st through the week of June 30th.
  • Summer Series (Starts 1st week of July and runs through August)
    • July and August lessons
  • Back to School Series
    • Will run for September
  • Fall Series (Starts 3rd week of October, 10 sessions)
    • October – December
  • This means there are a couple weeks in the year with no lessons, this is on purpose so we can reschedule due to bad weather, or if no rescheduling is needed then students can purchase an individual lesson for the one week.

How it works

  • Choose the package you are interested in from the menu of options. If you have never ridden at Partridge Horse Hill before we recommend booking a private lesson or attending one of our workshops or camps first so we can see where you best fit in (unless you are signing up for the beginner group). If you sign up for a group but your riding level doesn’t mesh well with the group we may ask you to switch groups.
  • Once you have paid for your horse friends series you will receive a payment confirmation. If you have any questions email
  • The series runs weekly in the same time slot, we only reschedule for bad weather (see our bad weather policy) or if the coach is unavailable for some reason. Because this is a group activity specific to your topic and level we are not available reschedule or put you in a different group if you need to miss one lesson.
  • The same recommendations for clothing/helmets apply as for lessons.
  • Please note in rare circumstances we may substitute coaches.
  • Please note that sometimes Lindsey travels for clinics/international competition and therefore the schedule is based on her availability and not regular weekly lessons.

Welcome to Riding at Partridge Horse Hill (PHH) Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback at any time please email us at 

What to wear and Who you ride

  • Do we need our own helmet? No – we have a selection of helmets available but we recommend having your own so you can ensure a good fit.
  • What should I wear? Long pants, boots with a heel (cowboy boots, English paddock boots or hiking boots), we recommend gloves, and dressing for the weather. Even though we have an indoor riding ring it is not heated, so in the winter you might want to dress as if you are going skiing. We do have a heated education room to warm up in if you get cold, but dress for the weather.
  • Can I bring my horse to your farm for lessons? You can trailer in for lessons, and we do allow short boarding stays so you can attend multiple lessons. Email us to check availability.
  • What horses do you have and how are they assigned for lessons? Meet our horses and ponies on our websiteDuring the first lesson the coach will assign a horse based on the information you share with them and who they think will suit you. After your lesson you can request the same horse or a different horse. The coach will have lesson assignments planned in advance and posted on the online calendar. If you want to make a change you can email us a minimum of 48hrs before the lesson so we have time to plan and see if a switch can be made. If you want to guarantee the same horse every week for lessons, you can do a “horse claim.” This is a monthly fee that guarantees your horse for lessons, gives you a locker at the farm, and gives you priority for your horse for other activities like shows or camps. 

Your first lesson in the series and beyond

  • What do we do in the lessons? Typically lessons spend 10-25% of the time on the ground learning something (tack check, lunging, leading, stretching, ground games, etc), the remaining 90-75% is riding. However, the first lesson of the series typically includes instruction on how we tack up horses, and put away the horse and equipment after the lesson. Then for the next lessons if you are comfortable getting your horse ready before the lesson and/or putting your horse away after the lesson you can do that – this means your lesson is spent in the arena with more riding time. 
  • If there are students of different levels in the same group, the coach will adjust for each student. For example jump heights can be adjusted. However if students riding levels are too different than PHH may offer for a rider to switch sessions. 
  • At your first lesson, your coach will ask you about your goals and lessons will be geared towards everyone’s goals. You can ask to try jumping, obstacles, English, Western, bareback, learn posting trot, canter, compete etc. 

Parents with children that need extra help (young, short, nervous)

  • Part of horseback riding at PHH is getting your horse from the field, tacking them up (getting them ready to ride), and putting the horse and equipment away after the ride. 
  • Children that need help benefit from their parent/guardian support. We recommend parents learn about tacking up and catching horses from the field during the lessons. If parents help their children get their horse ready before the lesson, it means the lesson will have more riding because the horses will already be in and tacked up for when the lessons start.  
  • If your child needs to be led or have a spotter, then a parent/guardian will need to stay for the lesson. The coach needs to support everyone in the group and cannot stay with a child that needs to be led around the whole time as it takes away support from the other students. Our horses are super quiet, but sometimes children that are nervous, small, have special learning needs, etc may need their parent/guardian to stay with them during the lesson. Toddlers always need their parent/guardian to stay with them during lessons. 
  • If parents/guardians aren’t comfortable assisting their children with tacking up their horse, then please let the coach know – your child may be able to buddy with another student/parent, or may benefit from taking private lessons, or groups that are limited to 2 students. 


  • Come early? Yes if you are able to come early to get your equipment out, and/or get your horse ready to ride then you will have more time of your lesson spent riding in the arena. The exception is your first lesson, you can arrive on time and the lesson will start with explaining how to get a horse ready to ride. 
  • What happens if you come late? Lessons will shift to a maximum of 10 minutes behind schedule to accommodate late students. This means if your lesson is supposed to be at 7pm and you arrive at 730pm, the lesson can still happen but will end at 810pm if it was scheduled as a 1hr lesson. 
  • Please note that if you/your child needs assistance getting the horse from the field/tacked up and you are part of a group lesson, you need to arrive within 10 minutes of your lesson start time. After that time the students are likely in the arena and getting ready to ride. It is unsafe for the coach to leave the ring to help you, and it is not fair to the other students to delay riding. If you arrive after 10 minutes into the lesson and the students are already heading into the ring, then you may not be able to get your own horse for the lesson. The coach will do their best to accommodate you/your child into the lesson such as learning from the ground, or learning how to set up poles/jumps safely. 
  • If you arrive later than 10 minutes and are able to get your horse tacked up, then you can still get your horse and get into the ring. The coach will do a tack check before you mount. 
  • Do lessons normally run on time or late? We try our best to stay on time, and will fluctuate up to 10 minutes behind to accommodate students arriving late, or help make sure students and horses finish on a good note. If we are running more than 20 minutes behind schedule we may offer you to continue with your lesson, to reschedule or be refunded for the session. 

Refunds and Rescheduling

  • Horse friends lessons cannot be rescheduled (except when cancelled by PHH due to weather or unavailable coach) and are non-refundable. Because the weekly consistent time slot makes it easy for scheduling and admin time, we pass those savings on to you and is why we can offer horse friends series at such amazing prices.
  • Cancellations due to bad weather: In the event school buses are cancelled in Durham Region north of hwy 7 region (sometimes all of Durham Region cancels and sometimes only north of hwy 7 because this is the snow belt area), lessons will be cancelled and no lessons will run – even if the weather appears to have cleared later in the day, if school buses did not run, neither will lessons that day (NOTE we do not base cancellations on Kawartha Lakes buses because often buses are cancelled in Kawartha Lakes from snow around the lakes which is further north than we are – we are very close to Durham Region and that is a better judge of the roads near us. So if Kawartha Lakes buses are cancelled but Durham Region buses are all running then lessons are all still running). Please listen to your radio or email to check if you are unsure. If school buses are running but a storm appears later in the day, we will determine on a case by case basis if we need to cancel lessons. If it is a weekend and thus no school buses, we will notify students via email as timely as possible if lessons are cancelled. We will notify of cancellations by means of a post to Facebook on the Partridge Horse Hill page and also by email. Cancelled sessions due to weather will be rescheduled, we will check with the lesson group and try to find an alternative that works for everyone.
  • In the event a coach needs to cancel a session, a substitute coach will be provided. If no substitute coach is available, we will reschedule the session. 

We thank you for being a part of PHH – we hope you enjoy your time with us. If there is anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable please let us know. 

Sincerely your PHH team

Lindsey, Laura, Caileigh-Anne, Ashley, Emily, Annaliese, Sherri


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