Birthday: May 2, 2011

Breed: Thoroughbred (registered name Trivia Time)

Colour: grey

View more photos of Mystique here. 

View Mystique’s videos on YouTube here. 


Mystique was purchased by Lindsey for the 2016 Thoroughbred makeover. She was purchased from a racing stable, and Lindsey was actually the second owner of Mystique post track because the original buyer returned her.

Lindsey trained her throughout 2016 and went on to win the champion title for both trail and freestyle at the makeover in Kentucky in October. Their freestyle video with the giant blue tarp riding bridleless went viral.

Since then Lindsey has competed Mystique bridleless in extreme cowboy racing and has gone on to do many demonstrations including at Tryon International Equestrian Centre, Plantation International, Horse World Expo, and Equine Affaire.

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