Lindsey Partridge has been riding since she was 8 years old, started coaching natural horsemanship at the age of 16, and published her first bookNatural Horsemanship: Answering the What, Why, and How for All Disciplineswhen she was just 23 years old.

Below are some glimpses of Lindsey in the media, but this is not a complete list. If you are interested in interviewing Lindsey, or having Lindsey be part of your media, please contact us.


  • Winter Blues Article in Equestrian Ontario: click here


  • Commercial for TSN to promote the Grey Cup: click here
  • On Breakfast Television: click here (links to YouTube to watch the video)
  • Ontario Morning Show, CBC radio: click here (Lindsey is at 14minutes into the link)
  • Harmony Horsemanship Sweeps Thoroughbred Makeover, Horse Canada Magazine: click here
  • Off the Track Thoroughbreds Excel at the 2017 Makeover, Lady and the Track: click here
  • An upgrade from the stables! Incredible footage shows a woman checking her HORSE into a hotel to test its ‘pet friendly’ policy, Daily Mail in the UK: click here
  • Kentucky Motel Welcomes womans and her horse, Fox news: click here
  • Horse Trainer checking a horse into a hotel, CTV news: click here
  • Checking horse into a hotel, The Toronto Star: click here
  • Super 8 Hotel in Kentucky Allows Horses, Travel and Leisure, news: click here
  • 2015 Champ Returns to Makeover, Thoroughbred Daily News: click here
  • Winter Exercises: Horse Canada Magazine, winter: click here
  • Ask a Trainer Anything: article for the Retired Racehorse Project, summer: click here
  • Red, Yellow, Green: AQHA Performance Horse Magazine: click here
  • De-Spooking from the Ground Up: Horse Sport Magazine, April: click here


On the cover of Eloquent Equine Magazine

On the cover of Eloquent Equine Magazine

  • Queen of Thoroughbreds: article in the Rider: click here
  • Meet Canada’s Horse Whisperer, Toronto Star: eloquent-equine-coverarticle in lifestyle/movies section: click here
  • Harmony Horsemanship Hits New Jersey: blog article from Equestrian life: click here
  • What Does Your Horse Crave? Eloquent Equine Magazine, on the cover: click here
  • How Facebook Saved Thoroughbred Makeover’s Lindsey Partridge and Her Movie Star Horse from a Storm: Horse Network, click here
  • How Lindsey Partridge Retrains OTTBs to Excel in Everything: Noelle & Floyd click here
  • Canadian Claims Second Thoroughbred Makeover Win: Horse Canada News click here
  • Where are they Now? Article in Retired Racehorse Project Magazine, spring 2016: click here
  • ‘Any Horse Can do This’ Article in Off the Track Thoroughbreds, September, 2016: click here
  • Front Page of Uxbridge Cosmos Newspaper, Lindsey Partridge – Unbridled, September 1, 2016 and posted on the Standard Online News: click here
  • Radio Interview with Horses in the Morning, August 2016, click here about upcoming role in the movie Unbridled and the upcoming Thoroughbred Makeover Competition.
  • Cover of Eloquent Equine Magazine, June 2016, author of article ‘Stategizing for Success’: click here
  • Podcast Radio Interview with Retired Racehorse Project, May 2016: click here
  • Video Interview of Lindsey Partridge with Soar at the Can Am, Equine Expo (April)
    open link here to watch
  • On the Cover of Hoofbeats Magazine, April, 2016
  • Article in Hoofbeats Magazine, April, 2016
  • Unbridled Feature Film: Lindsey plays herself as Lindsey Partridge -a Harmony Horsemanship coach & trainer that helps the other instructors Cassie (Rachel Hendrix) and Felicity (Jenn Gotzon) teach the students. Lindsey’s Thoroughbred Makeover over 2015 winner ‘Soar’ plays herself, and Dreamer play the lead horse role. Facebook page: click
On the cover of Hoofbeats Magazine

On the cover of Hoofbeats Magazine

here and website

  • Horse Canada Magazine: March/April edition ‘From Zero to Hero: Winning the Thoroughbred Makeover’: click here
  • Eloquent Equine Magazine: ‘Winning in Kentucky’ article (pad 6 & 7), and an article on ‘Extreme Cowboy Racing’ (page 15-19) February Issue: click here







Horse Canada Magazine March/April 2016



  • Horse Power Magazine: Bitless Why Not? (May-June issue)


  • Television: The Rider, August 14 episode (link currently not available)


  • Horse Canada Annual: Please Like Me – the power of non-demanding time (magazine article)



  • Horse Power Magazine: How to Avoid Refusals, Rushing, and Runouts (September-October issue)


  • Horse Power Magazine: Build Confidence with Free Jumping (March-April issue)


  • The Uxbridge Cosmos: Rescuing a horse with sunshine and love (newspaper October 14)





  • Uxbridge Times Journal: A way with horses: Student hones her skills as a trainer (newspaper February 21)



  • Movie: Prancer Returns – Lindsey rode in the parade scene at the beginning of the film