Partridge Horse Hill

Media Consent Form

Media Consent Form

I understand that while I am participating in Partridge Horse Hill (PHH)/ Harmony Horsemanship (HH)/ Lindsey Partridge (LP)/ Natural Horsemanship Association (NHA) hosted events or activities (includes activities with contract workers of the organization(s)), or am on the PHH property, or participating in offsite events with PHH/HH/LP/NHA that I may be photographed and/or video taped.

I understand that this media content may be shared and used for advertising, educational content, or social media. I understand that PHH/HH/LP/NHA may be compensated for this footage. I understand I will not receive compensation of any kind.

By participating in events, activities, clinics, lessons, workshops, or any form of engagement with PHH/HH/LP/NHA I am giving consent for media (video, audio, photograph) use to PHH/HH/LP/NHA.

If I do not consent I understand and agree it is my responsibility to remove myself from group photographs/videos at the event (by declining to participate in the group photo/video) and/or to inform person(s) taking media at the event/activity to not include me in photographs/videos.

By allowing videos/pictures to be captured, the consent is implied.

The consent is not time limited. PHH/HH/LP/NHA may use the media indefinitely.

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