Partridge Horse Hill

Horse Use Agreement

  1. Agreement in regards to the horse boarded at Partridge Horse Hill (PHH) named:  Described as:   
  2. Service: is for the horse described in paragraph one (1) to be used by PHH for services including lessons, birthday parties, camps, workshops, or other services that are offered by PHH and feature lesson horses. 
  3. Dates of Service: the horse may be booked by PHH for lessons/services and displayed on the online calendar. The owner may not ride/work the horse during this time nor a half hour before/after to ensure horse has a break and services to PHH clients are not affected. The owner may watch the horse in any/all services if they choose. The owner may specify any days of the week they do not want their horse booked for a service:  . The owner can withdraw their horse from an activity, provided 1 weeks notice is given. 
  4. Cost: PHH will provide a credit of $8 per session (for a lesson, practice ride, horse show, and/or group event). Reimbursement for camps will be determined when the camp is being planned and PHH may make an offer to use the horse during camps which the owner can accept or decline with no penalty. 
  5. Credit Use: Services the horse is used in will credit the following months board. For example if a horse does 10 lessons in January, then February board will receive a $80 credit. PHH will invoice the owner at the beginning of each month with a statment based on the credits from the horse working in the previous month. 
  6. Equipment: PHH will provide equipment for the horse to use in PHH services, or the owner can provide equipment. If the owner provides equipment, PHH will not reimburse for scratches/repairs needed regardless if they happen during PHH services. 
  7. Insurance: Horses used in PHH services are covered under the PHH insurance. The owner can be added as a named insurer under the PHH insurance policy. To do this the owner needs to provide their full address and contact information to be shared with the insurance company. PHH recommends owners have a Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) membership to receive the insurance benefit.
  8. Show Season: the owner agrees to keep the horse in the PHH services program for the duration of the show season once started as it would not be fair to students planning to show if the horse is pulled from the program. The show season begins in May and ends in October. Owners can specify here if the horse is allowed to go offsite to competitions with students: 
  9. Busy Dates: The owner may provide dates the horse is busy and not available for use, provided 1 week notice is provided. 
  10. Termination of this agreement requires 30 days notice. 
  11. PHH does not guarantee any minimum number of service dates from PHH. 
  12. Written communication via email will be considered a valid form of communucation and agreement.  

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Signed by Lindsey Partridge
Signed On: January 7, 2019

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