Group Experiences

Information on this page:

Group Sizes

  • We can have groups up to 30 people.
  • We can have 6 people riding to 1 coach.
  • We can have 12 people on horses maximum at one time.
  • This means when we have a group of 30 people they are rotating through stations. At one station there is riding, another might be equine care (grooming, learning about horses), and another might be an umounted activity with the horses (leading the horse, movie tricks with the horses).


We are happy to work with groups of ages 5 and up for riding. For kids under the age of 5 we can offer a horse experience of grooming and interacting with horses including a short ride while being led (similar to a pony ride).

How long

Most group experiences are 2hrs. This allows time to get comfortable with the horses. If you would like more than 2hrs, please contact us at


  • For groups of 12 or less we can keep the group together for activities, or we can divide into two groups.
  • For groups of 13 or more, we will need to divide into smaller groups and rotate everyone through ‘stations’. Each station can have an activity. The maximum we can have riding at one time is 12 people.

Activities we offer

  • learning about horse care and grooming
  • having fun with horses on the ground (leading, horse agility)
  • movie tricks with our horses that have starred in feature films
  • riding lesson
  • games on horseback (musical stalls, Simon says)
  • having fun in our obstacle park for horses (bridges, teeter totters, and more)
  • costume party with horses (come dressed up and you can dress up the horses to match)
  • use of our 20x30ft lounge (there is a local pizza place you can order pizza from in Pontypool, you are welcome to bring in a cake, etc for your group)

“I would love to send a letter or do a rave review upon our experience today! We cannot believe the time and attention each child received and were so overwhelmed with the place, and with your staff and volunteers! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this as my daughter said “the best birthday EVER”!!!!!!!!

We went into this blind, not really knowing what to expect and you exceeded everything I had in mind. I do not know much about horses, but my daughter has been intrigued for years, and today she got to share this learning with her very best friends.
Thank you!”
Julie L

Example Experience

A group of 12
30 min: The group learns about grooming and getting a horse ready to ride.
15 min: Leading the horses and trying some ‘horse agility’ on the ground.
30 min: The group separates into two smaller groups, each with their own coach to learn riding.
30 min: The group comes back together for a game on horse back (could be horse soccer, an obstacle course, Simon Says, musical stalls, etc).
15 min: Learning how to finish with their horse and put the horse away.
Total experience = 2hrs, at $35/person (savings of $15 each person compared to lessons)

How to Book

  • If you are want a standard group experience (2hrs with up to 12 people for $35/person) you can register and pay at this link
  • If you have 13+ people or want more than 2hrs, please contact us for a custom quote at
  • Group experiences are typically available Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays before noon or after 4pm, or Sundays before 11am, or after 5pm. If you are requesting outside of these times, please email us at before purchasing.


  • For groups of 4-12 = $35/person for 2hrs, Add $15 each for each extra hour. (add HST)
  • For groups of 13-30 = $25/person for 2hrs, Add $10 each for each extra hour. (add HST)
  • If you are purchasing a standard group experience (2hrs with up to 12 people for $35/person) you can register and pay at this link

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we need helmets or riding clothes/boots? We have a selection of helmets you can borrow, but you are welcome to bring your own riding helmet (bike helmets are not allowed). For riding you need shoes with a 1/2″ heel (cowboy boots, riding boots, hiking boots, rubber boots) – exception, young kids that are going for a short ride while being led do not need special shoes because their feet will not be in the stirrups. Gloves are recommended (sport gloves, riding gloves, or gardening gloves).
  • What happens if it rains? We have a large indoor arena that has obstacles, jumps, and music that we can have fun in. Even on hot sunny days we tend to ride indoors because it is cooler to be in the shade indoors.
  • Is your facility heated and air conditioned? Our ‘party room’ is heated in winter and has fans during summer, but the barn and riding ring are not heated or air condintioned so please dress appropriately.
  • I have more qustions – please email or call 416-571-5914