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Event in Canada with Lindsey Partridge

Harmony Horsemanship Event Agreement in Canada

  1. AGREEMENT: This agreement is for Lindsey Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship to attend an event hosted by the event organizer (called the host).
  2. SERVICE PROVIDED: Please discuss details directly with Lindsey Partridge to confirm activities for the event.

3. COST: The cost for an event is $1000/day on a Saturday/Sunday/Holiday and $750/day on a weekday (non holiday). There is also a cost of $125 for travel up to 4hrs of driving, or a flat rate of $500 which includes airfare to anywhere within Canada.

To book a service, a 10% non-refundable administration deposit is required to hold an event date. An additional $125 or $500 travel fee (whichever is applicable to your host location) is due a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event date and is non-refundable. The remaining full balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event and is non-refundable. Exception – if Lindsey Partridge needs to cancel an event agreement (for example due to illness), the host may have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.

Payments can be made via etransfer to or a Paypal invoice can be sent for balances which will included the added paypal fee of 2.9%

  1. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE HOST: It is highly recommended the event have an indoor location available in case there is adverse weather. It is highly recommended to have a sound system with wireless headset.

The host is responsible for all aspects related to the event including but not limited to: advertising, receiving registration, ensuring the facility is adequate (washrooms, food, etc), etc.

Some helpful tips:

  • Average pricing participants $150/day for a one day clinic or $250-300 for a 2 day clinic, $125 for a private session, and $25-50 to audit (watch) per day.
  • Usually a maximum of 6 people in a group at one time. 30 minutes of private instruction can be ideal for people with a specific task they would like help with.
  • The most popular format for workshops is:
    • 8:30-10am Classroom learning
    • 10am – 10:15am break
    • 10:15am-11:15am group A ground work
    • 11:15-12:30pm group B ground work
    • 1230-1:30pm lunch
    • 1:30-2pm Classroom/discussion
    • 2-3pm group A ground work/riding
    • 3-4pm group B ground work/riding
    • 4pm wrap up/discussion/questions

Please indicate the date of your event:   

Please indicate the location of your event:   

Please indicate the cost of your event based on the cost schedule listed in "3. COST"   


If Lindsey is commuting from more than 2hrs away, accommodation will need to be provided for the night before the clinic, between clinic days (if the clinic is more than one day), and potentially the last day of the clinic (depending in Lindsey leaves right after the clinic ends, or if another night’s stay is needed and departure the next day).

This can be at the host’s home, hotel, bed & breakfast, or other guest home. If a hotel/accommodation needs to be booked/paid for it is the responsibility of the host. The accommodation needs to have Wi-Fi, a bathroom/shower, and bed.

If Lindsey is flying in for a clinic, it is responsibility of the host to provide transport from the airport to the host facility or provide a car rental/taxi.


Either food needs to be provided to Lindsey, or the ability (time and access) to go purchase food and prepare.

Lindsey does not have any dietary restrictions – she loves vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, fish, potatoes, rice, and generally eats ‘healthy’ and tries to avoid a lot of gluten/high starch foods/sugar.

  1. LIABILITY: The host does not hold Partridge Horse Hill (PHH), Harmony Horsemanship (HH), Lindsey Partridge, James Partridge, family, friends, helpers, or employees accountable for any damage(s) to the horse/pony, barn, facility, or any other damage/injury/death that may arise to human, animal, or property. PHH carries liability insurance. Lindsey Forkun, Lindsey Partridge, PHH, HH, family, friends, and/or employees are in no way responsible for any remuneration for any damage of any kind. A liability waiver must also be completed by the host and any person who wishes to participate in activities involving horses.
  2. PICTURES AND VIDEOS: Harmony Horsemanship and Lindsey Partridge may use/take pictures/videos during the event for promotional purposes, training videos, blog etc. This media may be used in print/video for education/monetized content and the host/people/horses in the footage will not receive remuneration.
  3. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Written communication will be in the format of email, text, or written letter. Written communication will be considered valid.
  4. SIGNATURES: By signing this agreement you agree to these terms. Parties information is stated below:

Lindsey Partridge, Harmony Horsemanship

Lindsey Partridge

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Signed On: January 7, 2019

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