Partridge Horse Hill

Employee Contract


This is an agreement between Partridge Horse Hill (PHH) and the employee for the services:

Term of Contract


Employee Information

Employer Information

Partridge Horse Hill

Lindsey Partridge

531 Hwy 35, Pontypool, Ontario, L0A 1K0


Payment and Tracking

  • The Employee will keep track of their hours using a shared google sheet. 
  • The Employer will tally hours worked and create payment statements for the employee. 
  • Payments will be made two weeks after the payment period.
  • The agreed wage is:   
  • Deductions as per Ministry of Labour/WSIB will be made from the employee's wages, and a tax statement will be provided at the end of the year. 
  • The Employee is responsible for tracking their own hours, agrees to be honest in tracking their hours, and agrees to keep hours to the following range per month unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
  • A void cheque is required from the employee so that payments can be made.


  • The employee will notify and/or Lindsey Partridge as to any changes with their availability.
  • If an employee is not able to complete the assigned shifts, their position may be terminated. 
  • The schedule for work will be shared with a minimum of one weeks notice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
  • Most services are based on client/equine needs and minimum hours are not guaranteed. 
  • If an employee is unavailable to provide a service, another contractor or employee may be asked to cover the service and an opportunity to remake the time may not be provided. 

Code of Conduct

  • The Employee will complete a code of conduct for PHH. Employee agrees to always dress professionally and represent PHH in a positive manner to staff and clients. Inappropriate language or conduct as determined by PHH will not be tolerated and result in immediate termination of this agreement. 


  • Employee will complete a liability waiver. The contractor is responsible for their own equipment, insurance, property, and safety. PHH, Lindsey Partridge, employees, volunteers, family, friends, or contractors are not responsible for any remuneration of any kind for the loss, damage/death to property, persons, or pets. 


  • Employee will complete a media wavier. Contractor consents to their image/video/audio to be used in media purposes for promotion, paid content, or other media as PHH deems appropriate. 

Changes to the Agreement

  • Will be made in writing (email is counted as writing for the purpose of this agreement).

Responsibilities of the Contractor

  • Will be outlined via email as needed.  

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