Pembroke Welsh Corgis

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We have 6 adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgis – Belle, Lona, Molly, Eevee, Thorgi and Felicity. They are our family dogs and very well socialized and loved.

Our dogs are not show dogs and are not just breeding dogs. They are part of the family and live in the house with us. They each have their own bed and are spoiled with all the delights of a loved family pet. They have regular visits to the vet and groomers. They always are getting new toys and treats.

All of our dogs have been vet examined and have excellent hips, eyes, and overall health. We have done genetic testing for DM. Belle is double clear, and the rest of our dogs are carriers. 

When our dogs have puppies, they live in the house and are let outside for play and bathroom breaks. They are given toys, lots of cuddles, and are very well socialized and loved.

We only breed our females once a year so they don’t get over bred.

Quigley was our first male Corgi from Michigan and was very smart and athletic. He has now passed, but his fluffy smile is not forgotten. He is the reason we got into breeding fluffy Corgis – such a loving and intelligent dog.

May 24, 2008 – January 2020.

LONALona is a Welsh name that means princess. She is a talkative dog and lets you know what she wants – she doesn’t bark for no reason, but she’ll give you a ‘woof’ in the morning to demand morning cuddles, or if she wants on the bed she’ll give gentle repetitive ‘woofs’ to make sure you know. She runs to ‘her humans’ for consolation on anything scary or unusual, but she is also very brave and willing to try new things and explore.

Lona’s birthday is June 6th, 2013. Lona is retired from breeding. 

MOLLYMolly is from Pennsylvania. She has an adorable face that just sucks you in for cuddles, you can’t resist her. Molly adores people and attention – she will run over to anyone and immediately flop to her back so you can rub her belly. 

Molly’s birthday is May 30th, 2013. Molly is retired from breeding. Molly along with one of her puppies star in “A Very Corgi Christmas” movie. 

Eevee is from Illinois. We went all that way to get her because she is an adorable fluffy. She is bred specifically to have fluffy puppies – a lot of people prefer fluffies because their coat is so soft and they look like Teddy Bears. Even though fluffy Corgis are considered a fault (a controversial topic in the Corgi community), we know that fluffies are wonderful dogs and are happy to offer them to the people that prefer them.

Eevee has settled in to be queen of the pack, or tries to be… Molly still puts her in her place. She is very cuddly and also playful. She can be snuggled like a teddy bear and during car rides she wants to lay in your lap the whole way. She loves to explore and run around. She has completed one set of training classes at K9 Central and did really well with all the tasks – she is one smart pup.

Eevee is a hilarious dog – she ‘sings’ when she wants to complain about something. For example if you are cuddling her but bring another dog up on the bed she will sing to let you know she disagrees. She also loves chasing lasers and is a very playful.

Her birthday is June 23rd 2015. She is not registered. 


She came to us from Tennessee. She is a beautiful fluffy with gorgeous markings. She is AKC registered.

She is a playful pup that loves gentle snuggles. She will curl right up into your neck when lying on the couch. She loves belly rubs. She is a bossy one and tries to rule the house. She likes to sit at the water or food bowl and try to control it. She also will try to boss you around to get the cuddles she wants. She is a pretty timid dog and isn’t as brave as some of the others. She is also a bit chubby and will overeat if we let her.

Felicity absolutely loves nose kisses and loves to snuggle. 

Her birthday is January 2, 2016. She is the only one of our dogs to produce pups with a blue eye. However, since breeding with Thorgi she has not produced any blue eye or Tri colour pups. 


Thorgi is our fluffy Corgi from England (registered name is Pancake). We love his tail. It gives him a fluffy fox look.

He is the sweetest dog – so cuddly and playful. He is always up for going in the backyard but definitely wants to play and be around the other dogs. He probably would not be happy as a single dog.

He is very timid and won’t do the stairs if there are more than a couple in a row. He can do the 3 steps in the backyard on the deck, but despite our efforts to teach him the basement stairs to our living area, or the stairs in the barn to education room he is just too scared.

He has such an adorable face and is very cuddly. He has a similar temperament to Felicity (cuddly, playful, but quiet). He absolutely loves people and always seem to be a happy bounding guy. Thorgi appears in the movie “A very Corgi Christmas” and “My Boss’s Wedding.” 

His birthday is January 7, 2017


She is a AKC registered fluffy that came from Texas. We wanted to have a female fluffy with dna testing that is double clear and not a carrier for DM like our other dogs. We were lucky enough to find a breeder willing to work with us to do the dna testing at birth on all of their female pups, and then let us have the pick.

Belle being double clear means that no puppy of hers will be affected by DM regardless if the father shares a copy of the gene.

Belle is a super playful pup and very smart. She loves to play with Thorgi. She is a little ball of energy, loves to play, loves to run around, and loves to lick our baby’s face. She has learnt what bedtime snuggles are and just loves being on the bed for snuggles at night. She definitely loves belly rubs. 

Her birthday is September 11, 2019 her first litter of pups will be in 2021.

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Waiting List:

People choose to pass on the list for a variety of reasons which means sometimes you can be offered a puppy even if you are #20 on the list and we have a litter of 9 pups – so it is very hard to know when exactly you can expect a puppy.  In 2021, Eevee, Felicity, and Belle will be bred for puppies. We expect around 20 puppies in 2021.  

We typically only update this list once a month unless it is puppy choosing time. 

Waiting List: Last updated Feb 14 2021

Belle’s litter picks:

  1. Stephen C – Tundra
  2. Daniel C – Icicle
  3. Pamela – Flake
  4. Alison – Aspen
  5. Carolyn – Glacier

Updated list

  1. Stephanie F (passing on Belle litter)
  2. Rebecca D (passing on Belle litter)
  3. Elizabeth H (passing on Belle litter)
  4. Stefany E (passing on Belle litter)
  5. Danielle B (passing on Belle litter)
  6. Ashley B (passing on Belle litter)
  7. Byrie (passing on Belle litter)
  8. Megan M (have not heard from)
  9. Kate V (passing on Belle litter)
  10. Maragret R (passing on Belle litter)
  11. Celeste M (passing on Belle litter)
  12. Jacob W
  13. Colleen KM
  14. Terence RA
  15. Thomas L 
  16. Colin M
  17. Mathew D
  18. Jessica C
  19. William M
  20. Claire
  21. Justine
  22. Alicia H
  23. Sarah A
  24. Zachary
  25. Kelsey C
  26. Cynthia
  27. Corinne R
  28. Sam Li
  29. Nikita
  30. Amy D
  31. Samantha B
  32. Kaitlyn T
  33. Kailyn W 
  34. Ashley G
  35. Emily H
  36. Martha W
  37. Sarah W (please email us your contract)
  38. Dominique S
  39. Shreya S
  40. Susan F
  41. Heather C
  42. Abigail J

Get on our wait list

To be added to our waiting list please complete your contract and send your deposit to

If you have any questions you can email us or call us at 416-571-5914.

All of the details of the waiting list and process can be found within the contract.

Pricing & Contract

  • first and second deworming (completed before you pick your puppy up) is included
  • first vaccinations (completed before you pick up your puppy up) is included

See the contract for more information. A $100 deposit is required to secure your spot on the waiting list.

You get to choose your own pup. Choice is determined based on the waiting list order. We will do our best to tell you about the pups personality and colour. The pups do change colour and became more red (like their parents) as they become adults. Personality mostly develops as you socialize your puppy so a big factor is how you raise your dog. 

All of our dogs are fairly active. We recommend considering a Corgi provided you will have time & space to take them for long active walks and free running occasionally in parks. Corgi’s are smart dogs and need to be kept busy – we always make sure our dogs have toys to play with and bones to chew.