Event Agreement with Lindsey Partridge

  1. AGREEMENT: This agreement is for the service of a clinic/workshop/education/demonstration (collectively called the event) provided by Lindsey Partridge.
  2. SERVICE PROVIDED: The event can be a variety of formats that can be confirmed closer to the event.For example may include a demo, discussion, simulations, private lessons, group instruction, or presentation. There is no variation in price for the different formats with the exception if you want Lindsey to bring her own horses for a demonstration, please inquire to availability. It is recommended to confirm via email the format for the service.
  3. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE HOST: It is highly recommended the event have an indoor location available. in case there is adverse weather. Lindsey will provide services to the best of her ability given the facility provided and weather conditions. Lindsey will not work outside during adverse or potentially dangerous weather. It is highly recommended to have a sound system with wireless headset so that all spectators can hear.

    The host is responsible for advertising the event, receiving registration/selling tickets, ensuring the facility is adequate (washrooms, food, etc). The host may charge participants/spectators whatever fees they deem appropriate. As a general guide, Lindsey recommends charging participants $150/day for a one day clinic or $250-300 for a 2 day clinic, $125 for a private session, and $25-50 to audit (watch) per day.

    It is recommended to have no more than 6 people in a group at one time. 30 minutes of private instruction can be ideal for people with a specific task they would like help with.

    The recommended and most popular format is:

    • 8:30-10am Classroom learning
    • 10am – 10:15am break
    • 10:15am-11:15am group A ground work
    • 11:15-12:30pm group B ground work
    • 12:30-1:30pm lunch
    • 1:30-2pm Classroom/discussion
    • 2-3pm group A ground work/riding
    • 3-4pm group B ground work/riding
    • 4pm wrap up/discussion/questions

    Please confirm your format and topic/title with Lindsey before advertising. The most popular clinics are:

    • Liberty
    • Obstacles & building confidence
    • Harmony Horsemanship 101 (Establishing a calm connection and creating a yes horse)
    • Balanced Rider

    You may reschedule the date with 60 days notice at no penalty. With 30-60 days notice the date may be changed for an additional $50+HST fee. For 15-30 days notice you may change the date for an additional $100+HST fee. For 14 day or fewer days you may not reschedule the date – if the event is canceled, the deposit is forfeited.

  5. 5. COSTS:

    Payment will be made to Lindsey Partridge via cheque, cash, online interac payment to PartridgeHorseHill@gmail.com, or Paypal to lindseyforkun@gmail.com . Pricing is $1000/day (up to 8.5hrs including lunch), or $550/half day (up to 4 hrs). Add the travel cost appropriate to your distance.

    • Add HST (13%) to the cost if the clinic is in Canada, if it is outside Canada you do not need to add tax.
    • A 10% deposit is required to hold your date(s). In the event Lindsey Partridge is not able to conduct your clinic (for example due to illness) you will be offered a refund or if applicable to reschedule.
    • Final payment for the clinic is due a minimum of two weeks (14 days) before the clinic start date.
    • If the host is in Canada or Australia, the costs are in Canadian dollars. If in the United States or Europe then the costs are in United States currency.

    Travel Costs:

    • If you are 5 or less hours from Pontypool, Ontario Lindsey will drive to your location and the travel fee will be $100 (add HST if in Canada).
    • If you are 5-12 hours away from Pontypool, Ontario Lindsey will look at the practicality of flying versus driving. The cost is $500 (add HST if in Canada). If flying, Lindsey will book the flight once the deposit is paid.
    • If you are 12+hrs from Pontypool, Ontario then Lindsey will fly. Cost is $500 for Canada or United States, $1000 for Europe, or $1400 for Australia (if the flight costs over that amount then Lindsey will pay the difference).
    • If Lindsey is flying in for a clinic, it is responsibility of the host to provide transport from the airport to the host facility or provide a car rental/taxi.

    Where is this clinic hosted?

    Travel Distance and Cost? (using Google maps)

    Travel costs are charged once per event. For example if you book Lindsey for 3 days in a row you pay only one travel fee but if you book Lindsey for 3 days spread out in the year and Lindsey travels 3 separate times then you pay 3 travel fees.

    If you partner with another host, then you can split the travel fee. For example if you want to bring Lindsey to England and there are two farms wanting clinics on the same trip, the two different farms can split the travel cost to get Lindsey to England provided that transportation is provided to get Lindsey between the different farms once there. It is the host’s responsibility to connect and decide how the travel fee will be divided if partnering. In some cases Lindsey may waive the travel fee if there are multiple clinics on the same trip, please confirm with Lindsey in advance if this applies to your clinic.


    • A place needs to be provided for Lindsey to stay. This can be at the host’s home, hotel, bed & breakfast, or other guest home. If a hotel/accommodation needs to be booked/paid for it is the responsibility of the host. The accommodation needs to have Wi-Fi, a bathroom/shower, and bed.


    • Either food needs to be provided to Lindsey, or the ability (time and access) to go purchase food/prepare. Lindsey does not have any dietary restrictions – she loves vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, fish, potatoes, rice, and generally eats ‘healthy’ and tries to avoid a lot of gluten/high starch foods/sugar.

    Alternate Pricing

    You may have arranged different pricing for your event with Lindsey that does not follow the standard schedule. If your event does not follow the standard pricing please make comments here:

  6. Everyone Wins Guarantee: In the event you confirm to host a clinic but are unable to earn enough. revenue to make back your costs. Lindsey will offer you different options:

    • Reschedule your clinic to a different date
    • Use your deposit towards a different Harmony Horsemanship Service (virtual lesson, online course, shopping for Equipment in the Harmony Horsemanship store (not apparel as that is run through a different service))
    • Offer your clinic at lower cost as a first time introductory special

    Restrictions do apply: To qualify for the guarantee the host must:

    • Have advertised the recommended format listed above.
    • Have promoted the clinic by at least two means (for example two of: Facebook, flyer to local tack shops/stores, email to people in your area, newspaper ad, radio ad, sharing at a forum)
    • Contact phhschedule@gmail.com a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the clinic with the concern so that there is time to discuss options and further promote the event.
    • Have chosen pricing within the recommended/typical pricing guidelines.

    Recommended pricing and typical breakdown of costs and profits:

    • Host usually charge $150 for a one day, or $250-300 for a two day clinic
    • Usually 10-12 people per day. This can be all one group learning together, or divided into smaller groups (for example two groups of 5-6 people or three groups of 3-4 people). This means about $2500-3600 of income from participants for a two day clinic.
    • Host usually charges $25-50 per day to watch a clinic or $50-75 to watch for a weekend. Usually clinics have 5-15 auditors which is an extra $250-$1125 for people watching.
    • Total income for the Host typically ranges from $2750 -$4725. Sometimes hosts have additional fees for lunch, stalls, or other services that are arranged separately.
    • Hosts are earning anywhere from $250-$2225 plus any extras (stall fees, selling food).
  7. LIABILITY: The host does not hold Partridge Horse Hill, Lindsey Partridge, James Partridge, family, friends,helpers, or employees accountable for any damage(s) to the horse/pony, barn, facility, or any other damage/injury/death that may arise to human, animal, or property. PHH carries liability insurance. Lindsey Forkun, Lindsey Partridge, PHH, family, friends, and/or employees are in no way responsible for any remuneration for any damage of any kind. A liability waiver must also be completed by the host and any person who wishes to participate in activities involving horses.

  8. PICTURES AND VIDEOS: Lindsey Partridge may use/take pictures/videos during the event for promotional purposes, training videos, blog etc. This media may be used in print/video for education/monetized content and the host/people/horses in the footage will not receive remuneration.

  9. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Written communication will be in the format of email, text, or written letter. Written communication will be considered valid.

  10. 10:SIGNATURES: By signing this agreement you agree to these terms. The boarder/owner information is stated below:

Location of the event (address, website, contact information, phone):

4051 Durham Road Ottsville, PA 18942 609-694-1917

Host information (email/phone if different from above):

You will receive an email from phhschedule@gmail.com to confirm the request date for your event, thank you!

Signed by

Signed byPartridge Horse Hill

Client Representative

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