Our Horses

View our horses at Partridge Horse Hill – they include movie stars, pleasure horses, to international champions.

Birthday: June 2019 Breed: Thoroughbred (registered name Harmonys Secret Gold) Colour: Buckskin View more pictures of Secret here.   View Secret’s playlist on YouTube here.  About: Secret was purchased by Lindsey from Michigan when she was just 1 day old off of a photo on Facebook. Lindsey had been looking for […]


Birthday: she is a registered Fjord but we don’t have her birthday, we think June 2012. Breed: Fjord Colour: Dun View more photos of Nava here.  About: Nava was purchased by Elana and brought to the farm where Lindsey started Nava under saddle. Nava than became part of the summer […]


Birthday: we celebrate it August 3rd but we don’t know her real birthday. Breed: draft cross Colour: grey (looks white) View more photos of Glimmer here.  About: Glimmer came to the farm owned by Lynne who has boarded her for many years. Glimmer started out being part of summer camp […]


Birthday: June 14, 2014 Breed: APHA (registered name Super Sharp Fashion) Colour: grullo View more pictures of Kalila here.  View more videos of Kalila here.  About: Kalila was purchased from Alberta by Lindsey to be her birthday present. Lindsey started Kalila under saddle herself and then by surprise found out […]


Birthday: May 5 2016 Breed: Thoroughbred (registered name Fairly Obvious) Colour: Bay View more photos of Fairly here.  View Fairly’s YouTube playlist here.  About: Fairly was purchased by Lindsey through After the Races in Maryland for the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover. Fairly suffered a fractured pastern bone after a couple published […]


Birthday: May 2, 2011 Breed: Thoroughbred (registered name Trivia Time) Colour: grey View more photos of Mystique here.  View Mystique’s videos on YouTube here.  About: Mystique was purchased by Lindsey for the 2016 Thoroughbred makeover. She was purchased from a racing stable, and Lindsey was actually the second owner of […]


Birthday: April 10 2003 Breed: Thoroughbred (registered name Full of Wisdom) Colour: Bay View more photos of Sabio here About: Sabio was purchased by Lindsey from a student many years ago (around 2011) and was a lesson favourite for jumping because of his rhythmic canter and honesty over jumps. Lindsey […]


Birthday: April 8 2012 Breed: Thoroughbred (registered name Regina Christina) Colour: chestnut View more pictures of Bling here.  View Bling’s playlist of videos on YouTube here.  About Bling was purchased from the Fingerlakes Racetrack in New York by Lindsey for the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover. She is currently training for the […]


Birthday: February 8, 2014 Breed: Thoroughbred (registered name Mohawk Style) Colour: Bay View more photos of Moose here.  About: Moose was purchased for the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover. He raced at Woodbine Racetrack and was purchased through Southern Belle Thoroughbreds. He is training with Caileigh-Anne for the Thoroughbred Makeover but is […]


Birthday: January 31, 2007 Breed: Thoroughbred (registered name is Soar) Colour: grey View more photos of Kahleesi here.  View Kahleesi’s video playlist on YouTube here.  About: Kahleesi was bought by Lindsey for the 2015 Thoroughbred makeover. They trained for the competition and competed in October 2015 going on to win […]