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Boarding Agreement

  1. HORSE/PONY DETAILS: This agreement is in regards to the horse/pony owned and described


    Birth year


    Colour/ markings 





    Soundness, health, vices, ALLERGIES:   

  2. AGREEMENT: This agreement is for the service of boarding at 531 Hwy 35 Pontypool under the care of the Natural Horsemanship Association for the horse /pony listed in paragraph one (1).
  3. SERVICE PROVIDED: Boarding is for the daily maintenance and keep of the horse/pony kept at the farm. There are options for service which can be selected in the paragraph ‘costs’ #5. 
  4. DATES OF SERVICE: Services will continue until either party provides written notice to the other in this agreement. Changes to this agreement require 30 days’ notice in writing. Note if the boarder notifies on June 2 they will cease boarding on July 1st, they will still be billed for July 1st board because it does not comply with the 30 days notice. If a boarder’s horse is for sale, an alternate arrangement for notice may be arranged as the boarder may not know when the horse is going to sell.
  5. COSTS : The Inn Keepers Act is posted in the barn and all boarders must read and understand this act before signing this agreement. Payment will be made to the Natural Horsemanship Association via cheque, or online interac payment to by the 1st of the calendar month. Overdue fees will be charged at an interest rate of 5%/week. Boarders can leave post dated cheques for board payment made payable to the Natural Horsemanship Association to ensure board fees are paid on time.

    Stall Use: Boarded horses may use stalls on an as needed basis and boarders are responsible to clean up after their horse, and care for their horse while using a stall. If the boarder stalls the horse more than 5 times in a month, the boarder will provide shavings for the stall. 
    In the event of horse injury or sickness, PHH will cover the labour costs of maintaining a horse in a stall for up to 3 nights if deemed necessary by a veterinary subject to staff availability. If staff are not available, the owner is responsible for care. After 3 nights, the horse must return to outdoor board, or pay additional fees of $100/week to cover the labour, shavings, and square bale hay costs. In the event the owner is able to provide all of the care for the horse, they pay for hay and shavings used which can be determined by current market prices. 
    Additional Fees: The boarder agrees to clean up after their horse and be responsible for their horse’s actions. If a boarder (or boarder's horse, person accompanying a boarder, etc) causes damage/ expense to the facility, the boarder is responsible for the repair/replacement/restoration costs. 
    For example if a boarder chooses to leave their horse unattended on the cross ties and the horse breaks the cross ties, the boarder will be responsible to replace the cross ties. 
    If a boarder continues to leave manure left out from their horse or other messes, there is a $15 staff cleaning fee applied.
    Any time a boarder is given a bill for repair/ replacement/ restoration/ cleaning costs a $15 administration fee will be added to the cost and late payment interest rates will apply at 10% per month.
    Boarding includes a locker for items to be stored onsite, 24/7 access to salt/minerals/water, daily hay, and being brought in once per day for grain. During the grain feeding, supplements can be given, blanket changes, or other health care as needed can be provided. If the horse requires something time consuming or complex (such as wound dressing changes) additional charges may apply. Blanket changes are if the horse is sweating,  shivering, soaking or blanket ripped. The owner is responsible for having blankets available. 
    Our board packages as of September 1, 2022:

    Cookie package: includes a visual check/cookie at grain time. $380/mth plus hst

    Daily Grain Package: includes the perks of Cookie package and a daily grain feeding up to 2.5lbs of grain/supplements from our selections or your provided grain at your own cost. A suggestion is the vitamin/mineral balancer (such as Purina Optimal).  
    $480/mth plus hst

    High Grain Package: includes the perks of Daily Grain package plus feeding up to 5 pounds of grain per feeding. $550/mth+HST

    Heavy horses weighing 1200lbs + an additional $50/mth plus HST applies
  6. TRUE INFORMATION AND FREE OF ILLNESS: The owner guarantees that the information provided to PHH is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge, that the horse is up to date on vaccinations, in reasonable health (not contagious or a carrier of illness), and the horse is not on any medication of any kind and does not suffer from any potentially harmful/debilitating disease, illness, or soundness issue unless stated above in paragraph one (1).
  7. SERVICES NOT INCLUDED: The owner is responsible for paying any health care, blanket, farrier, or other costs that arise associated with the horse. NHA may arrange for services, additional fees may apply.
  8. HORSE PROFILE: The boarder/owner will keep an up to date horse profile/information sheet on their locker, as well their contact number on the horse's information dry erase board in the indoor arena. 
  9. VISITATION: The owner may visit the horse/pony at any time. The farm is open 24/7, 365 days per year, limitations of facility use may be limited in times of construction, severe weather, special events, etc. Clients arriving outside of regular hours between 7am – 11pm need to let the facility know.
  10. OFF PROPERTY EXPERIENCES: The boarder will notify NHA when taking the horse/pony off property.
  11. LIABILITY: The owner does not hold Natural Horsemanship (NHA), Partridge Horse Hill (PHH), Lindsey Partridge, James Partridge, family, friends, helpers, Harmony Horsemanship (HH), contract workers, or employees accountable for any damage(s) to the horse/pony, barn, facility, or any other damage/injury/death that may arise to human, animal, or property. The owner is responsible for carrying any insurance they desire for the horse. NHA carries liability insurance for the facility. Lindsey Forkun, Lindsey Partridge, James Partridge, NHA, HH, PHH, family, friends, and/or employees are in no way responsible for any remuneration for any damage of any kind. A liability waiver must also be completed by the owner/boarder and any person who wishes to participate in activities on the farm. Boarders/clients/friends/family enter the farm at their own risk, are responsible for their own safety, and must complete a liability waiver and participant code of conduct. It is recommended that all horse owners have an Ontario Equestrian Federation membership or their own liability insurance.
  12. EMERGENCY CARE: NHA will try to contact the owner about emergency care before calling a veterinarian however in some situations this may not be possible. The boarder/owner will provide up to date information for what to do in an emergency (for example send the horse for offsite surgery or to not) on the horse profile sheet kept on the boarder's locker. If no information is provided in the binder, a veterinarian will be called and the vet’s recommendations will be followed.The NHA will not assume responsibility for any health or emergency care expenses.
  13. PICTURES AND VIDEOS: PHH, NHA, HH, Lindsey Partridge, James Partridge, contract workers, employees and volunteers may use pictures/videos/names of the horse for any media purposes including but not limited to promotional use and social media.
  14. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: written communication will be in the format of email to, or written letter.
  15. SIGNATURES: By signing this agreement you agree to these terms. The boarder/owner information is stated below:




Lindsey Partridge- President of the Natural Horsemanship Association

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Signed by Lindsey Partridge
Signed On: November 9, 2023

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