About our Facility

20558332103_28181d41b1_cPartridge Horse Hill (PHH) was purchased in December 2011. At the time it was a hobby horse farm that had been inactive with no fully fenced paddocks, a lot of old wire fencing, but it did have a nice 7 stall barn and a large run in shed with a house in great condition.

Renovations began immediately. In the first year PHH built horse shelters, removed a lot of wire fencing and built new paddocks, created a sand ring and round pen among other improvements.

The renovations have continued every year with 2015 being the biggest year of improvements with the start of construction on the 250x80ft indoor arena.

bridgeThe facility features:

  • A 7 stall barn
  • An outdoor lit sand ring with judges booth
  • An outdoor lit round pen
  • A 250x80ft indoor arena (some area is used for hay storage and tack. The riding area is about 180x80ft)
  • Automatic heated waters in the two main paddocks
  • Paddock paradise system for two different ‘herds’ with run in shelters, hay stations (that use round bales and slow feeder nets), free choice minerals and salt
  • 026 - 1 LindseyFlex rail, electric rope, or wood fencing only – we are a wire fence free farm
  • A large variety of jumps and poles
  • A large obstacle ring with a variety of obstacles including a custom engineered bridge, pedestal, table, ditches, barrels, teeter tauter, cowboy curtain, and more with new obstacles being added every year. Check out photos of some of our obstacles click here
  • Lockers for our boarders and students
  • Individual paddocks for short term stays

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