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Partridge Horse Hill is offering horse training services to help get your horse started under saddle, build confidence of jumps/obstacles, or help with behavioural issues.

Our base package includes outdoor board with hay, water, and free choice minerals/salt in group turnout, private, or semi private turnout at $780/mth.

You also have the otpion to sign up for the “group pass” which gives you unlimited group lessons applicable to your level with any PHH coach, and auditing at any of Lindsey’s clinics being hosted at the farm the month you are there.

Training packages include 14-16 training sessions per month, scheduled with Franny Galvin-Hynes under the guidance of Lindsey Partridge. Some sessions may feature Lindsey or another staff member of PHH.

Franny Galvin-Hynes is junior trainer that has been Lindsey’s protege student since 2014. Annabelle also helps with training during spring months. She is from Wisconsin and has been a working student for Lindsey since 2017.

Franny and “The Bowie Van”

She competed with Lindsey at the Thoroughbred Makeover in 2016 with the horse “You Got to Be Kidding” and finished 5th in the Trail Division.

She competed again in 2017 with Lindsey aboard “The Bowie Van” and placed 1st in Trail, and she competed in Field Hunter for the first time and placed 14th. She was the Top Junior in both disciplines.

The Thoroughbred Makeover is an International Competition held at the Kentucky Horse Park with hundreds of competitors, many of which are top professionals and includes some Olympic and World Champion Riders. Franny completed all of the training on the horses she took to the makeover including all of their off property experiences/shows.

Franny plans to compete in 2018 again, this time with two horses. Point Load (one of Lindsey’s horses) and Wasted (her own horse).

Although Franny is young (turned 16 in 2017), she has trained many horses with Lindsey, attended many clinics, trained horses herself, taught her mini to lay down, taught her horse to ride with no bridle and no neck rope, been the stunt rider for the movie Unbridled, won the provincial Youth champions for Extreme Cowboy Racing, and won many top placings in obstacle shows, extreme cowboy racing, and jumpers.

Franny will be training horses under the guidance of Lindsey Partridge (founder of Harmony Horsemanship, 3 time champion at the Thoroughbred Makeover, nick named “Canada’s Horse Whisperer” by Toronto Star). Lindsey will be available to complete session(s) as needed to help set the horse up for success.

Training Contract Click Here