Horse Friends





  • A program of regular weekly lessons with many benefits at an affordable price.

  • The goal is to learn, have fun, and make friends with horses and humans that love horses.
  • Maximum of 4 students per instructor which exceeds Ontario Standards – we give students more attention from the coaches.
  • A variety of programs to suit different levels and ages.
  • Lessons include riding but also may include equine care, ground work, or body work to give a well rounded experience.
  • Lessons are longer at 1.5hr to allow time to learn more than just riding (except the toddler programs).
  • Our horses are very well trained and include movie stars and international champions.
  • A unique trait about our farm – we believe in positive reinforcement, trust, patience, and communication with horses. We do not use force (whipping, spurring). Instead students learn how to develop partnerships with horses.
  • Our horses also excel in a variety of tasks including jumping, trails, obstacles, liberty, and some are even trained to ride with no bridle and lay down.
  • Our coaches have a lot of experience too. Learn more about our staff click here. All of our staff have First Aid and CPR certification.

Coaches and Options

  • The Winter Series will run the week of December 10th until the end of February for 10 sessions. There are no horse friends sessions for the week of Christmas or New Years. Instead if you would like to ride during these weeks please book a lesson.
  • Mondays are with Ally
    • novice jumping is for those learning to canter with jumps
    • intermediate jumping is for those that are cantering jumps and progressing their skills
  • Wednesdays are with Wendy
    • pre novice is for students working on their trot and have not yet done canter (or not a lot of canter0
    • novice + is for students comfortable in trot and working on canter and beyond
  • Thursdays are with Caileigh-Anne
    • novice+ jumping is for students working on cantering jumps and beyond
  • Fridays are with Aleisha
    • entry toddler program is for young kids that are getting comfortable around horses and will end up riding by the end of the series. Parents need to be present for the classes to assist with supervision. This class is 1hr.
    • riding toddler program is for young kids that are comfortable with horses and being on horses. Parents need to be present for the classes to assist with supervision/spotting kids on horses. This class is 1hr.
  • Saturdays are with Caileigh-Anne
    • toddler riding program is for young kids that are comfortable with horses and being on horses. Parents need to be present for the classes to assist with supervision/spotting kids on horses. This class is 1hr.
    • novice+ is for students working on their canter skills and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I reschedule sessions? No. One of the reasons we are able to offer these series at such affordable prices is because you register for a complete series. If you need flexibility for the schedule then you are welcome to book individual lessons. Booking lessons is not as economical because they require more admin time for booking which brings the cost up. Signing up for a Horse Friends Series gives you the best deal.
  • Do we need our own helmet? No – we have a selection of helmets available but we recommend having your own so you can ensure a good fit.
  • What should I wear? Long pants, boots with a heel (cowboy boots, English paddock boots or hiking boots), we recommend gloves, and dressing for the weather. Even though we have an indoor riding ring it is not heated, so in the winter you might want to dress as if you are going skiing. We do have a heated education room to warm up in if you get cold, but dress for the weather.

Refunds and Rescheduling

  • Once a service is paid for it is nonrefundable. However you can transfer it to another person. For example if you book a horse friends series and you want to give it to your friend you can. Exception – the person joining the lesson needs to be safe for the group. For example if Sally rides in a group jumping lesson and she cancels and wants to give her lesson to Emily who does not know how to jump, then this is not a safe substitute and is not allowed.
  • Horse Friends sessions cannot be rescheduled unless canceled due to weather.
  • Cancellations due to bad weather: In the event school buses are cancelled in Durham Region north of hwy 7 region (sometimes all of Durham Region cancels and sometimes only north of hwy 7 because this is the snow belt area), lessons will be cancelled and no lessons will run – even if the weather appears to have cleared later in the day, if school buses did not run, neither will PHH lessons that day (NOTE we do not base cancellations on Kawartha lakes buses because often buses are cancelled in Kawartha Lakes from snow around the lakes which is further north than we are – we are very close to Durham Region and that is a better judge of the roads near us. So if Kawartha Lakes buses are canceled but Durham Region buses are all running then PHH lessons are all still running). Please listen to your radio or contact us to check if you are unsure. If school buses are running but a storm appears later in the day, we will determine on a case by case basis if we need to cancel lessons. If it is a weekend and thus no school buses, we will base this decision on a case by case basis and will notify students via email as timely as possible if lessons are canceled due to weather. We will notify of cancellations by means of a post to Facebook on the Partridge Horse Hill page and group. You can also check by emailing us. Cancelled horse friends sessions due to weather will be rescheduled.
  • In the event a coach needs to cancel a session, a substitute coach will be provided. In the event no substitute coach is available, we will reschedule the session.

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