Part Boarding

Part boarding is when a student gets practice days with their assigned horse. Part boarders take lessons but also get practice ride days where they can come to the farm and practice the skills they are learning with their assigned horse.

The horse is the same for the term of part boarding (unless a horse injury/illness in which case the student can practice with a different horse). This is because when the rider uses the same horse each ride they can start to develop a really good bond and partnership.

There are many benefits to part boarding including…

  • You get a taste for what it is like to own a horse
  • You are not responsible for vet, farrier, or any extra bills that come up
  • You get to have the horse all to yourself for certain days of the week and plan your own schedule for riding/playing
  • You advance your skills with extra practice
  • It can help you decide what type of horse you would want to buy or lease
  • You can try different horses until you find the right horse for you – and when you advance and are ready for a higher level horse you can change horses with no extra costs
  • You learn a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes on with horses like their daily care
  • Prepares you for one day owning or fully leasing a horse
  • Gives you freedom to ‘have a horse’, but at the same time support to help you
  • Allows you to ride/work with a horse that might otherwise be out of your budget to purchase
  • Is excellent for developing responsibility in kids/teens
  • Gives you the chance to really get to know a horse and develop a relationship
  • Is great for helping confidence and consistency in your play with horses

Partridge Horse Hill encourages part boarding because it helps build skills in students, and also because students build a better bond with their horse when they part board. Part boarding is offered to students that are ready and capable to practice with horses without staff supervision.

Novice riders that need minimal supervision and assistance can still do part boarding, but schedule their practice rides when a staff member will be available to help them if needed.

Practice rides are limited to approximately 1 hour of ground play and 1 hour of riding with a maximum of 15 jumps to a maximum of 1.5ft. Practice rides need to be kept within the horse’s limits and a horse should never be worked into a heavy sweat or deep panting for breath.

Please contact us for more information and availability.

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