Thank you for wanting to take lessons at Partridge Horse Hill

  • 026 - 1 LindseySummer Horse Friends Lesson Programs for weeknights June – August are now available to sign up click here. 
  • New Trail Riding Series as part of Horse Friends, sign up and learn more here. 
  • Link to our Toddler & Family Program
  • Link to our Horse Friends Weekly Riding Lessons Program
  • We offer lessons from ages 5 and up with many adult equine enthusiasts. You can ride for pleasure in English or Western, or you can train for competition in Extreme Cowboy, Mountain Trail, or Show Jumping.
  • We have a variety of well trained lesson horses – some of them are even movie stars!
  • We have an indoor arena with dust free footing, a heated viewing room for parents to watch, a variety of coaches, and lots of jumps, obstacles, and fun equipment to use to keep lessons interesting and fun.
  • Students have lots of opportunities – to help at the farm, attend shows, come to social events (Christmas parties, movie nights, etc), take part in clinics from world renowned clinicians, and more.
  • We promote bonding and connecting with horses – we try our best to keep you with the same horse, and you are welcome to come early and stay late to spend extra time with ‘your horse’ to groom and get to know each other.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are lessons? Lessons are for 1hr unless otherwise specified. We also offer ‘Horse Friends’ weekly lesson program. During this program you sign up for a weekly session for a term, and the sessions are 1.5 or 2hrs. Learn more about Horse Friends click here.
  • First time riding with PHH?
    • Start with a 1hr or 2hr lesson. This can be a private lesson or if you have a friend or family member that wants to start lessons with you, you can do a group lesson together.
    • After your first lesson, we can figure out what the other options are which may include: taking private lessons, joining a group or horse friends, or staying in lessons with your friend/family member.
  • What do we need for a riding lesson?
    • riding gloves are recommended but not required
    • boots with a 1/4″ heel minimum (cowboy boots, hiking boots, riding boots)
    • long pants (jeans are okay, riding pants, leggings)
    • helmet (we do have a selection of helmets you can borrow, but having your own is always best)
  • Group Lessons can have 2 people and Semi Private is 2 people, what is the difference? A Semi Private lesson means it will only be you and the other person. Typically semi private lessons are friends, siblings, or a couple. Group lessons may be 2 people, but it means that other people can join their lesson. So for example two friends may start as a group lesson with just the two of them, but someone new may join the lesson at any time.
  • When are lessons available and how do I book? Check the online calendar and look for available slots. Note you cannot book through this calendar- it simply shows you what is available and what is booked. http://www.localendar.com/public/PartridgeHorseHill occasionally there is extra availability, such as during holidays, etc. Email  us at phhschedule@gmail.com to inquire.
  • Lindsey Partridge with Ozzy

    What do the different colours mean on the online calendar? Each coach has their own colour – If you scroll to the bottom of the calendar it shows you a legend of what the colours mean.

  • Will a coach come to our farm to teach there? No we do not offer this service. Lindsey can be booked for half day or full day workshops. You can learn more about booking Lindsey for a clinic/workshop here. You can also visit www.HarmonyHorsemanship.ca to find a certified instructor near you that might travel to your location.
  • Can I bring my horse to your farm for lessons? You can trailer in for lessons, and we do allow short boarding stays so you can attend multiple lessons. Email us to check availability.
  • What horses to you have? Meet our horses and ponies here
  • I have my own horse, can I get lessons? Yes – you can either board at our farm and take lessons with your horse, or you can trailer into the farm and bring your own horse for lessons.
  • What are your prices? Please click here to go to our pricing page.
  • What forms do I need to complete before my first lesson?

  • How does the Make Up lesson Policy work for lessons on packages that cancel with less than 6 days notice?
1. When you cancel a lesson with less than 6 days notice, email us so we know. 
2. Write down the date you canceled so you remember. 
3. Look on the online calendar for a group lesson to join that is within 1 month. Link to online calendar is: http://www.localendar.com/public/PartridgeHorseHill 
You can pick any group lesson with two exceptions:
  • you can’t pick one if the description doesn’t apply to you (for example kids can’t join the adult lessons and vice vs, but many lessons don’t specify an age and can be any age group). You can join a lesson on a different topic, for example you can try obstacles, liberty, etc if you are normally a jumping student. It can be fun to try something new and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • you can’t pick the same lesson that you cancelled (because then it wouldn’t be a make up lesson). So for example if you cancel Tuesday at 5pm, you can’t choose Tuesday at 5pm as the make up lesson. If you ride in two regular lessons a week (for example Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm) then technically you could cancel a future Thursday at 5pm lesson (with more than 6 days notice so you aren’t charged, and then book it as a make up lesson).
4. A couple other things to keep in mind about make up lessons:
  • make up lessons cannot be rescheduled, so once you have specified the make up lesson, if you cancel it, you will not get another opportunity to make it up.
  • you can do make up lessons for 50% of lessons in your package. This means that if you are cancelling more than 50% of your lessons, you can only do make up lessons for the first 50%. So for example if you have a 4 lesson package, you can do make up sessions for 2 cancellations. It is not counted as a cancellation if you give more than 6 days notice. A cancellation is only if its 6 days or less notice.
  • If you take PHH lessons but want to join one of Lindsey’s HH lessons as a make up, you can pay an extra $10 to join that lesson.
  • If you take Lindsey’s lessons and want to do a ‘PHH lesson’ as a make up lesson you are welcome to do that but will not be credited the difference.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to keep track of their make up lessons and to check the online calendar for make up options – why? Because we try so hard to keep lesson prices affordable. We offer group lessons at $30 each and privates at $56 each on packages which means we offer the lowest prices for lessons when we surveyed equestrian facilities in surrounding areas. If we start adding more administration time to do these other tasks for cancellations, then we would need to raise prices. Instead we pass the savings onto clients to keep lesson prices low, but it means clients who cancel need to take on the responsibility of booking their make up lesson.
  • Checking what lessons you have: Send us an email to phhschedule@gmail.com and we can send the details of your package.
5. If you would like a make up lesson, please just let us know which lesson you would like. 
Why do we have this policy? Cancellations have a huge impact on scheduling. We reviewed other policies at other facilities and liked the make up policy the best. It allows students the option to cancel and still book a ride time, but it allows us to keep our package lesson prices more affordable because no additional staff time is needed due to cancellations (other than some admin time to book the make up you request).