Horse Show Team

phhnhashow4At Partridge Horse Hill we encourage and support you to have fun with your horse at competitions. Competitions can be a great change to:

  • challenge yourself
  • set goals
  • expose you and your horse to new things
  • try something new
  • show others that Harmony Horsemanship works

For 2016 Show Dates for the Obstacle and Jumping Team Please Click Here


There are Four Ways you can participate in horse shows from PHH:

1. Member of the Jumping or Obstacle Show Team:

    • Members can sign up at any time for either team.
    • The head coach of the team (Lindsey for Obstacles and Caileigh for Jumping) will notify you of the upcoming shows – you can also view the list of planned shows for each team.
    • Show Entry Forms will be forwarded to you for each show.
    • Trailering can be arranged for you, or you can organize your own. Trailering is at your own expense.
    • The coach will help you on the day of the show from beginning to end. This includes walking the course/helping you learn the course, and coaching tips for success.
    • To be eligible for the show team you need to take a minimum of 2 lessons per month (with any PHH coach. PHH summer camp, or PHH clinics) for the months of show season.
    • Cost: $120 for the season to be on the Jumping OR Obstacle Show Team (which means if you want to do both show teams then you would pay two fees). This cost includes coaching at all shows on the schedule that you participate in. To pay this fee you could use 4 Group lessons/6 Practice Rides from your package, or 12 helper hours to pay.
    • Extra Shows: there may be shows you want to attend that are not on the schedule. You can do this on your own, discuss with the coach and team about adding this show to the schedule, or request a quote for the coach to come with you to that particular show.

2. Non Member of the Jumping or Obstacle Show Team:

    • Non members are when someone comes to the same competitions the Show Team attends, but are not members so they do not receive the benefits that members do. This means they will be in charge of their own entry forms, show schedule, organizing trailering, and will not receive coaching. We will still cheer you on and provide moral support!
    • Coaching at an individual show where the show team is already attending can be purchased for $30.

3. On Your Own with a Coach: If you are not interested in the jumping or obstacle shows on our show team schedules, you are welcome to find shows that interest you and ask a coach to come with you. This will be subject to coach availability. The minimum coach fee is $60. Additional charges may apply for travel or the length of commitment for the day. Please get a quote from the coach.

4. On Your Own: Find shows you are interested in and attend them on your own (available to people that own their own horses, as well as part boarders subject to Lindsey’s approval).  

No matter which option you choose, we support you and are excited with you!

kahleesi horse hugWhenever you go to a show, you represent PHH whether it be as a show team member, non member, or on your own. For that reason we ask that when at shows (or other events) to always:

  • Show good sportsmanship by being friendly, approachable, supportive, and positive
  • Respect the facility by putting garbage, manure, leftover hay, etc in the appropriate places
  • Respect your equipment by keeping it tidy, in good repair, fitting, and organized
  • Respect the event/show by being on time and following their rules
  • Respect your horse by putting good horsemanship first. Although sometimes we need to be firm and clear leaders with our horses, please be extremely careful about when, how, and who’s watching.
  • Remember that at any time your activities may be posted to social media and are taken as a reflection of PHH.
  • Leave things better than you found/used them.

Show Team Swag:

026 - 1 Lindsey

Show Dates 2016

Obstacle Show Team Schedule 2016: Coached by Lindsey

The shows that will be included with this team are:

  1. Saturday June 4: Obstacle Show in Uxbridge at Bonehill’s Farm
  2. Sunday June 12: NHA Obstacle Show at PHH
  3. Saturday June 18: Turkey Run Ranch Obstacle Show
  4. Saturday July 16: Obstacle Show in Uxbridge at Bonehill’s Farm
  5. Sunday July 17: NHA Obstacle Show at PHH
  6. Sunday August 7: Williamstown Extreme Cowboy Race
  7. Saturday August 20: Turkey Run Ranch Obstacle Show
  8. Saturday September 10: Uxbridge Fair Obstacle Show – canceled and will be replaced with something else
  9. Sunday September 18: NHA Obstacle Show at PHH – date change is likely
  10. Saturday September 24: Ancaster Extreme Cowboy Race

shaniafrannyJumping Show Team: Coached by Caileigh

The shows that will be included with this team are:

  1. Sunday,May 22nd: Schooling Show at Blue Star Farm
  2. June 24th-26th: Trillium at Pickering Horse Centre
  3. Saturday, July 9th: Schooling Show at PHH
  4. Sunday July 10th: Schooling Show at Sky Haven
  5. Sunday, July 31st: Schooling Show at Blue Star Farm
  6. Saturday, August 6th: Schooling Show at PHH
  7. August 19th-21st: Trillium at Palgrave
  8. Sunday, August 28th- Schooling Show at Blue Star Farm
  9. Sunday, September 11th: Schooling Show at Sky Haven
  10. Sunday, September 25th: Schooling Show at Blue Star Farm
  11. Saturday, October 1st: Schooling Show at PHH
  12. Sunday, October 2nd: Schooling Show at Sky Haven

Please note that there may be changes in this posted schedule, and if this happens we will provide as much notice as possible. There will be a minimum of 10 shows offered to the show team members to participate in and receive coaching/assistance at those events.