Partridge Horse Hill

Event Agreement

Thank you for choosing to have an event at Partridge Horse Hill. We hope you have an enjoyable time. This agreement is to help have clear communication of what to expect from each other. 

Partridge Horse Hill:

  • will provide an indoor space for your event, including an indoor riding space. If weather permit, outdoors will be an option. 
  • will use horses that are well trained and suited to group events and beginners.
  • have staff that has experience and knowledge with horses, clients, and the facility.
  • provide a space to have meal/seating area – there are two different options for indoors. Area 1 is a picnic table area indoors. Area 2 is our viewing room which has couches, table, chairs. There is no running water in either space, however there is running water available at the farm in the barn and outside. The space is available for up to 2hrs before or after your horse activity. 
  • provide a port a potty for use
  • provide a quote

The Event Organizer:

  • will provide an estimate of numbers, experience level and ages at time of requesting a quote, and will finalize the numbers a minimum of 5 days before the event. At which time the full payment for the event is required and will be provided via etransfer to [email protected] or paypal to [email protected]
  • will provide a $50 non refundable deposit to hold a date – this amount is deducted from the final total. For example if the price of the event is $100, you pay a $50 deposit and then another $50 would be due at the time of final payment. 
  • will leave the areas of the farm in clean condition. To help keep the area clean will either use table cloths (at the expense of the event organizer) or will wipe down the tables. If garbage is left out will pay a $50 clean up fee. If juice/liquid is spilt on the couches/chairs in the viewing room will pay a $100 cleaning fee. 
  • will have all participants complete waivers and media forms (either complete printed forms at the farm or will send the website links to the participants to complete online). You may use one form for all of the participants provided you put all of their names/DOB in the one form. 

Communication will be via email. 

Thank you very much for choosing Partridge Horse Hill. 

[email protected]

You will receive an email to confirm your event after receiving this agreement. 




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Signed On: June 18, 2017

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