Registered Name: Killarney to Here

Sex: Mare

Height: 16H

Birthday: April 4th, 2003

Breed: Thoroughbred

thetisfunnyColour: Chestnut

Use: She is Lindsey’s show/demo horse & is for advanced students

Best Friends: Balius

Horsenality: Right Brain Extrovert

Parelli Level: She officially passed Level 3 in all savvys and is now playing in Level 4

What’s Interesting: She used to race and she actually won a race! Now she is a laid back girl that loves the trails – she doesn’t ride with a bit either!

What she likes: Carrots and trails – She will do just about anything for a carrot… she likes cookies and other treats, but it’s the carrots that will get her bowing and hopping to try and please you! She also loves the trails and is a very calm and reliable trail horse.

Talents: The ‘neat’ stuff – she is very smart and willing to try new things so she can do a lot of neat things like hop, bow, and paw on cue. She is a fun horse to go out and try something new with.

buttonphotosWhat Lindsey Says: “I just love her! She is my girl – we just ‘click’ like two peas in a pod. When I am with Thetis I feel like I can do anything. I am so amazed when we go to clinics and other adventures at how connected we are. I hope to spend more time with her and develop our partnership even further. She is so special to me.”

Information: Back in June of 2009 Lindsey purchased Thetis with the hopes of breeding her with Furest Grayheart, a lovely stallion in Ontario. She was bred live cover before arriving to Lindsey, but she didn’t catch. Instead Lindsey opted to keep her as a riding horse because she was having so much fun with her.


Lindsey and Thetis appear on the cover of Lindsey’s book ‘Natural Horsemanship: Answering the What, Why, and How for ALL Disciplines.’ Thetis was also featured in the 2010 Everything Equine Trade Show in Uxbridge for a natural horsemanship demonstration where Lindsey rode Thetis bridleless and included a routine with flying lead changes and Lindsey standing up on Thetis’s back!

Since then Thetis and Lindsey have partnered with ‘Lone Star Texas Grill Restaurant’ in Christmas Parades for advertising and she’s been to many events, shows, parades, clinics, demonstrations, and trails.

Lindsey brings Thetis to New York for trail riding in the enchanted mountains, and she is progressing through her Parelli Natural Horsemanship levels with Thetis. Lindsey also demonstrates natural horsemanship with Thetis at various events and clinics.

Thetis is a power house and easily soars over 4ft fences and she can be spotted in jumper compeitions. Thetis is also a fantastic trail horse and started some compeitions in long distance riding, she placed 3rd and 6th in her 2012 25 mile Competitive Trail Rides!

Thetis had an excellent 2014 year. She did a variety of things including place reserve champion in the 0.6m in baby jumpers with her part boarder, and champion for year end in the 0.9m with Lindsey. She also particpated in different clinics and events with Lindsey as well as took place in Uxbridge Fair events.

Thetis continues to be ridden by advanced students at PHH looking for a horse that can teach them about jumping and take them to higher levels.

In 2015 Thetis proved herself to be an amazing jumper yet again – she won 3rd in the jumper jackpot with Lindsey run by the Hamilton Hunt Club, and 1st place in the Sky Haven in the Jumper Mini Prix.


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