sparkleRegistered Name: none

Sex: Mare

Height: 15H

Birthday: Born in 2002

Breed: Paint Appaloosa Cross

Use: Trails & lessons for beginners/kids

Best Friends: Prairie, Cheyenne


sparkle2What’s Interesting: Sparkle has two blue eyes!

What he likes: Playing on the obstacles and lots of attention

Talents: Trail riding and Obstacles

What Lindsey Says: “My first ride on Sparkle I knew this was a special and kind horse – she was so willing and calm and tried all the obstacles with ease.”

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Lindsey got Sparkle in August 2015 from someone who was no longer able to keep her. She had been used for trail riding.

She came to Partridge Horse Hill to see if she could fit into our lesson program. Right away we discovered that she is an excellent choice for beginners and kids. She has been on trails and played on the obstacles taking really good care of her human companion.

She has a really kind eye and enjoys attention.

She has struggled with being sore on her right front hoof  for most of the fall/early winter of 2015. With vet and farrier inspection we know her hooves weren’t in great shape when she came and she is prone to thrush. We treat her regularly for thrush and have her hooves trimmed regularly (she is barefoot) and she seems to be doing much better. We keep her in regular work and she is a true gem for beginners, she takes such great care of her rider – however she doesn’t like taking her right lead, and because of her hooves we don’t jump her (other than a cross rail occasionally if her students wants to try a jump).

sparkle-horseSparkle is the best summer camp, trail, and beginner horse – she is so patient, kind, and accepting of beginners… and totally bombproof. We do all sorts of fun things with her – she is great for going over bridges, standing in hula hoops, going over tarps, etc. She is such a great confidence builder to get people started, or to go on trails.

In late 2017 Sparkle was given to one of her students who recently bought their own farm. Sparkle is going to enjoy a family farm home when she moves after summer camp 2018.










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