Sex: Filly

Height: 15.3H

Birthday: April 1, 2014

Breed: American Warmblood Cross

Colour: Grey

Use: Hopefully joining the lesson program in 2018

Best Friends: Sabio and Nillina


What’s Interesting: She was bred and born at Partridge Horse Hill and is the first foal at Partridge Horse Hill. Her dam is Nillina and sire is Balius.

What she likes: Gentle scratches and running around the paddock.

Talents: Very pretty mover and naturally very docile and laid back. It will be interesting to see what she can do as an adult.

buttonphotosWhat Lindsey Says: “What an exciting time to have our first foal at PHH. Sola is such an adorable little girl. I am very excited to play with her and watch her grow up.”


Sola was born April 1st, 2014 at PHH. She was our very first foal and it was so much excitment to go out for morning check and realize we had just missed her birth!

It was a long and very cold winter, the week before her birthday we had temperatures dipping to -20 degrees and it would have been really bad for her to be born then. Luckily she waited for days that were above 0 to come into the new world.

Just a few days old

We waited a few days before naming her and got a lot of input from Facebook. We decided to name her Sola because it means ‘alone’ and ‘sun’ which is pretty fitting because she was alone at birth, and also waited for the sun to come out.

She had a vet visit the first day she was born and was given a great bill of health from the vet – she commented at what excellent bone structurce and strength she had.

She was so much fun to watch in the paddock.

She started to turn grey at a young age and now is a nice dark grey colour. She will continue fading in colour until she goes white like her grand sire one day.

As we have come to learn more about her, we know she is a calm and thinking type of horse. She is so poised and strong. Everything she is unsure about she stops, stands, and thinks about it before deciding to move. When she moves it’s usually calm and direct movements. She seems to have a beautiful mind and is also just beautiful to look at.

She is incredibly well mannered for the farrier and vet, and she is learning the Parelli games very easily – she is just so calm and thoughtful. She is polite and loves people, but isn’t pushing into your space.

For summer of 2015 we moved Sola and Symba offsite to a beautiful paddock with grass, trees, and hills so they could grow up with some space. We brought Lumen and Rose to be baby sit them at the new summer vacation paddock. Check the video from their first day of play:

In late fall of 2015 Sola returned home. In 2016 she also spent some time offsite with her friends from the summer before. In 2017 she spent some time in a neighbour’s pasture to enjoy their 8 acres, but unfortunately thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and got a nasty wire cut injury to her hind leg. After months of vet visits and bandaging she is able to be turned out again with other horses and no bandage but will forever have a large scar.

For 2018 we plan to get her started for the lesson program. Her very first ride (and only ride of 2017) was filmed and is located within the Harmony Horsemanship 101 online course. 

In 2017 when she was out on the grass in the neighbours field with 8 acres to roam in, she decided to get the grass on the other side of the fence and ended up with a wire leg injury. We got the vet involved right away and after weeks of careful care she is healed and sound, but has an ugly scar on her leg.

In 2018 Annabelle started her in training to get her going under saddle. She’s been testing her out with obstacles, jumps, poles, and transitions. Sola is definitely a lazy horse with more whoa than go. Here is the video of her 6th ride

We will be offering Sola for sale – please email if you are interested. Reason for sale – Lindsey has too many personal horses already to take on another, and we will also be downsizing our lesson program after summer camp 2018 (some of other lesson horses will be available for sale too).

Sola is sound, no vices, lives outside 24/7, barefoot, she does wear a blanket in the winter. She lives in a mixed herd of geldings and mares (a herd of 15) and is towards the top of the pecking order (to the top but not the bottom).


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