Name: Zera

Sex: Mare

Height: 16.2H

Birthday: Born in 2012, we don’t know her actual birthday but we will celebrate it on December 17th because that’s when Lindsey got her.

Breed: She is an Anglo . Her dad is Aigon SLH and her mom is an OTTB named Canadian Crusader.

Colour: Dark Bay

Use: Lindsey’s project horse to overcome her rearing.

Best Friends: Blizz and Kalila

What’s Interesting: Zera was given to Lindsey because of her rearing problem. She is being rehabbed by Lindsey as part of the ‘Rearing Rory Case Study’. Her name was Rory, but during a Facebook naming contest we renamed her to Zera which means new beginning.

What she likes: Jumping

Zera’s album on Flickr Click Here


Rory was given to Lindsey on December 17, 2017 for the ‘Rearing Rory Case Study.’ Rory had been competing and training for combined tests and had developed a rearing problem.

It was unclear to the owner’s what the issue was and they made the tough decision to give her to Lindsey to see if she could be helped.

Lindsey started right away with the vet, farrier, massage therapist, equine dentist, and chiropractor to bring Rory into optimal health to make sure she could physically handle being ridden. Then it’s time for the training.

Continuing into 2018 Lindsey is working with Zera and she is already a different horse. Her ground manners are significantly better and rearing while handling on the ground seems to be a thing of the past (March 2018).

Lindsey is focusing on her other horses so there hasn’t been a ton of time put into Zera just yet, but so far with 2 rides things are progressing.



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