buttonphotosRegistered Name: Pentland

Sex: Gelding

Height: 16H

Birthday: February 4, 2009

Breed: Thoroughbred (By ‘Borrego’ and out of ‘Song of Victoria’)

Colour: Bay with a blaze and 4 socks

Use: Lindsey is training him for the TB makeover project 2016

Best Friends: Gus and Mystique

Horsenality: Right brain extrovert

Parelli Level: Level 2

What’s Interesting: He sold as a yearling in a racing auction for $215,000! He went on to race 38 times and was a winner 5 times.

What he likes: People, he is extremely friendly and just loves attention.

Talents: Liberty and freestyle

What Lindsey Says About Him: “I was looking to buy a flashy chestnut gelding for the Thoroughbred Makeover 2016 but then I stumbled upon Pentland and something about him just caught my eye. The next day I bought him.” “After bringing him home and doing his first session I became so excited about him. He just seems to click with me a littler easier than some of the other horses. For our 3rd session we were riding walk, trot, canter on a loose rein and by our 4th session he was really getting in sync with me for liberty.”


Lindsey saw Pentland posted on the same Facebook page for sale where she found ‘Cupid’ for the 2015 makeover. After falling in love with his picture, Lindsey bought him from the Mahoning racetrack in Ohio. She had him shipped to a nearby facility in Ohio to hold him until she can travel to pick him.

Pentland arrived to PHH in mid December and started his retraining primarily through ground work.

In the 2016 TB Makeover he finished 3rd in trail and in field hunter.  Pentland is now owned by student Emily.

Follow his progress on the Harmony Horsemanship Facebook page throughout 2016 at


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