Name: Peanut

Sex: Mare

Height: 14H

Birthday: Feb 8 2014

Breed: Quarter horse (Registered as Zoomerlicious, out of Azooma)

Colour: Chestnut

Use: In training with Lindsey

Best Friends: Mystique

Horsenality: Left Brain Introvert

What’s Interesting: Peanut was given to Lindsey as a project horse from down the road. Peanuts dam is Azooma.

What she likes: Scratches and cookies

To see Peanut’s album of pictures click here

Information: Peanut was bred for racing, however she was born with some health issues and was almost put down until her previous owners had taken her and got her the help that she needed. In October her previous owners had got in touch with Lindsey and gave Peanut to her as a project horse – they were finding Peanut to be a really dominant horse.

Peanut would kick and dominante in the field that it was making it difficult for them to care for her. They made the tough decision to either put Peanut down or give her to Lindsey. Lindsey took her on as a project to train for extreme cowboy racing.

You can watch Lindsey starting Peanut from scratch by checking out the online course.


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