13307457_10207762388635621_2155083066472950779_nRegistered Name: RN Ozzy Jac

Sex: Gelding

Height: 14H

Birthday: May 23, 2004

Quarter Horse (Registration Number: x4506368)

Colour: Chestnut with a star

Use: Lindsey’s Extreme Cowboy mount

Best Friends: Laelynn 

Horsenality: Left Brain Introvert

Parelli Level: He rides in Level 4 and working towards Level 4 online/liberty

What’s Interesting: He has a reining background and came from the same place as Dreamer. 

What He likes: Scratches on his neck

Talents: Obstacles – he is so handy!

buttonphotosWhat Lindsey Says: “Ozzy has been such a fun horse with so many buttons. He is teaching me some of his reining knowledge and I am teaching him about obstacles.”


Lindsey purchased Ozzy from the same person who had Dreamer. He came from a reining barn with some reining miles on him. 

In winter of 2016 Lindsey got him – originally with the intent to help his owner sell him, but fell in love with him instead. Lindsey started obstacle training with him and took him to their first obstacle show together in June at the Bonehills and he won 2nd place in the Open Division (1st pace went to Lindsey and Mystique).

They showed again at Turkey Run Ranch Obstacle Challenge on June 18 and Ozzy was 2nd again (Mystique and Lindsey were 1st).

He finished 2016 3rd place at the Regional Championships for Ontario Extreme Cowboy racing in the Pro division. He was 1st during the prelims.

Lindsey plans to continue his obstacle training and compete in Extreme Cowboy Racing with him.


  • 2016 Ozzy at the Tweed Extreme Cowboy Race: click here
  • 2016 Ozzy showing off the new bitless bridle attachment: click here
  • 2016 Ozzy at Extreme Cowboy in Quebec: click here
  • 2016 Ozzy’s first obstacle challenge show: click here
  • 2016 Ozzy and Lindsey ride spins, stops, and flying changes: click here

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