Sex: Mare

Height: 15.2H

Born in 2003

Breed:Paint Cross

Owner: Maya

nillinajumppaigeColour: Skewbald Pinto (Brown/White pinto)

Use: Jumper, trails, extreme cowboy

Best Friends: Angel

Horsenality: Left Brain Introvert

Parelli Level: She is playing in Level 2

What’s Interesting: Nillina got her name because she is a good jumping horse and the Sumarien Goddess Nillina was the goddess of air

What She Likes: Attention – she is always right at the gate to great us… and jumping!

Talents: She has a very comfortable canter and she enjoys jumping

What Lindsey Says: “I am really enjoying Nillina – she is a very polite and lovely horse to work with. She is very comfortable to canter and seems to have a good work ethic.”

Information: Nillina is a beautiful Paint X mare that we purchased right at the end of 2012. She is a lovely mare that enjoys jumping and attention.

NillinacanterlindseyBefore us, her name was Demi, and she was used at Saddlewood for their summer camp and lessons. She was purchased by a student of theirs that fell in love with her – and then we came to own her when her previous owner decided to move up in the dressage discipline which Nillina wasn’t particularly enjoying – she prefers jumping and pleasure riding and gets a little pokey/sassy about dressage.

Nillina has really settled into Partridge Horse Hill and quickly became a lesson favourite. She is very quiet and reliable. She’s also smart and loves to play ground games. She can be a bit pokey for the canter – but that makes her a relaxed and safe mount.


buttonphotosNillina had her baby filly on April 1, 2014. She surprised us with this cute little girl. Her filly is so sweet, energetic, and trusting. Check out her baby, Sola.

Everything went really well and mommy and baby are doing well.

Nillina started back to work after her ‘MAT leave’ – she began some trails and jumping. She’s shown us that she loves to swim and visits to the pond are her faviourite activity. She also started jumper competitions with her part boarder at the bronze level at Blue Star Farm in the 0.6m and placed very well!

NillinaandbabyNillina is a lovely horse with an amazing jump – but she does have some mare moments!

In the show season of 2014 Nillina was part boarded by Maya and they competed in the 0.6m and did very well together. Maya’s dream came true in the fall of 2014 when she was able to buy Nillina to have her first very own horse.


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