Sex: Mare

Birthday: 2010

buttonphotosBreed: Registered Fjord

Colour: Dun

Use: Lessons and trails

Best Friends: The ‘blonde horses’ – any of the other Fjords, Skye and Cheyenne

nava-swim-horseHorsenality: Right Brain Introvert (very mild)

Parelli Level: She is playing in Level 2

What’s Interesting: She is a Fjord which is one of the oldest breeds of horses known for being sturdy, docile and versatile.

What she likes: Lots of praise and patience

Talents: Trail riding

Owned by: Elana

What Lindsey Says: “Nava is a sweet pony, she is so friendly, kind and willing. She is the perfect pony for beginners or nervous riders.”


Lindsey drove out near Ottawa to get both Nava and Honey Boo, Fjord sisters at age 2 when they weren’t started. They came to Partridge Horse Hill in 2012 where they were both started under saddle. Elana chose Nava because of her polite and sweet temperament. Honeyboo is also docile and lovely, but more curious and pushy.

Nava began being used by PHH in 2013 and she helped out with summer camp. She’s continued to be used in some lessons and summer camp in 2014. Elana commutes from the city so it helped to give Nava experience and exercise more often. Nava enjoys the attention and the students enjoy her calm nature, it’s a win win.

Nava is perfect for beginners and novice riders. She isn’t a super athletic horse for jumping, so she is best suited for pleasure riding and trails.

In 2015 Nava continued to be an excellent horse for the obstacles and being super calm and quiet – she was a super star in summer camp and had a lot of kids that fell in love with her. She is a great pony because she is the perfect size, is polite to handle, and is pretty comfortable to ride. She does really well in groups or private lessons, and is great for trail rides following anywhere in the line. She isn’t a ‘sassy’ mare at all which makes it so much easier for group activities.

Elana is currently looking for someone to part board or lease Nava – if you are interested please email



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