buttonphotosRegistered Name: Trivia Time

Sex: Mare

Height: 15.3H

Birthday: May 2, 2011

Breed: Thoroughbred (By ‘Like the Prospects’ and out of ‘Roses are Grey’)

Colour: Grey

Use: Lindsey’s competition and demo horse

Best Friends: Kahleesi and Gustav


What’s Interesting: She was a race horse and she has really unique spots because of her pedigree that links back to “The Tetrarch.” Her name means ‘special in a mysterious and attractive way.’ She was the first horse to ever win two disciplines at the Thoroughbred Makeover, she won Freestyle and Trail in 2016.

What she likes: She loves scratches around her withers and cookies.

Talents: She seems to be a natural at jumps and obstacles.

What Lindsey Says About Her: “I was only planning on buying one off the track Thoroughbred this year (for 2016) for the makeover, and I had already bought one, but I saw her and thought she was simply too cool to pass up.”


Lindsey was introduced to ‘Trivia Time’ via Facebook when someone messaged her that she was for sale. She had raced in 2015 but wasn’t doing well as a race horse so they were looking to sell (She raced 3 times and didn’t place). When Lindsey went to pick her up she was told she wasn’t fast enough for Woodbine or Fort Erie and they didn’t see the need to run their horses into the ground to make a dime, so they didn’t try any of the slower tracks.

Trivia Time retired sound from racing and then had a few months off at a Thoroughbred breeding/training barn getting a few hours of turnout each day.

mystique horse with tableWhen she moved to Partridge Horse Hill in late November 2015, she was given the barn name ‘Mystique’ or Missy for short. She has such an unusal and beautiful colouring with a clever mind.

Currently Lindsey has only completed ground work and is working to help Missy find relaxation and connection with people. She is willing, athletic, a natural jumper, and very clever.

During her second session she figured out the table and sideways over a pole.

She continued to progress and competed at the 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover. There she won both Trail and Freestyle – something no horse had ever done before. Her freestyle was simply amazing.

In 2017 Lindsey was focused on her other Thoroughbred Makeover horses that she didn’t do too much other than a Versatility Competition at Equine Affaire where she finished 11th (after being off for nearly a year and back into training for 3 weeks).

In 2018 Lindsey is spending more time with her and they plan to compete together in extreme cowboy racing and jumpers.



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