Registered Name: The Bowie Van

Sex: Gelding

Height: 15.1H

Birthday: April 18, 2011

Breed: Thoroughbred

Colour: Grey

Use: 2017 horse for the Thoroughbred Makeover for student Franny, now part of the lesson program.

Best Friends: Blizz and Mystique

Horsenality: Right Brain Extrovert

What’s Interesting: He raced 22 times but only won one race. He earned $13,926.

What he likes: Water – to drink it, splash it, toss it around, go through it, or anything water.

Talents: Jumping and obstacles.

What Lindsey Says: “When I first watched this little Thoroughbred jump I thought ‘wow he has really nice scope’ and he has continued to impress me. He may be a little guy, but he shows us he can do what the big guys can do.”



On the way back from West Virginia with Bowdrie, Lindsey got a text from Kim (student at PHH and member of the Thoroughbred Makeover PHH Paddock Crew) about a horse she saw on Facebook. She forwarded the information as Lindsey was crossing over the border. It was nearby so Lindsey made a stop to see the horse.

He was sound with a good size bone and conformation so Lindsey decided to bring him home even though he was a bit crazy (he hadn’t been turned out for a couple weeks due to the mud), and he is little.

Once home we struggled with what to call him but ‘little’ just kind of stuck.

Little went with Lindsey and Franny down to Florida in January for two weeks along with Ozzy and Bowdrie. He got to ride on the beach, do a jump clinic with Tik Maynard, and take part in Harmony Horsemanship Clinics. He proved to have a great mind and really a natural ability for jumping.

Little competed in the 2017 Throughbred Makeover with student Franny. He won the trail division and placed 14th in Field Hunter against many professionals. Franny was also Top Junior in both Trail and Field Hunter. On the path the makeover, Little and Franny did lots of competitions in jumpers, hunters, and obstacles to prepare so Little has a lot of experience under his belt and is really great about new places.

Now Little is a member of our lesson program. Students love riding him because he has lots of buttons – he can trot sideways, jump, be brave over obstacles, and do many things.


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