buttonphotosRegistered Name: Soar

Sex: Mare

Height: 15.2H

Birthday: January 31, 2007

Breed: Thoroughbred

Colour: Grey

Use: Lesson horse

Best Friends: Pentland

What’s Interesting: She was a race horse and won 9 races. Lindsey retrained her as part of the TB Makeover 2015 and won against about 200 other horses! She has also officially passed Parelli Level 4 for Freestyle and Finesse with only 9 months of training after the track.

What she likes: People – she likes visiting with anyone who comes in the paddock.

Talents: Pretty much everything – Trails, obstacles, speed events, jumping, dressage

What Lindsey Says About Her: “I knew when I first met this wonderful girl she would be a great thinker and partner. She already wanted to greet me and was wanting to connect with me. Having a horse that already wants to be interested in you can really progress into amazing things.”


kahleesi bridelesKahleesi was named ‘Calli’ and she had finished racing at the end of 2013, and was unwanted by her owner at the time so she was off loaded to another person who intended to race her more in 2014. We were her papers never arrived so they weren’t able to race her in 2014 so instead they sold her in May of 2014.

She spent the summer getting some down time and was lightly started back to work with on and off ground training and the occasional ride.

Lindsey found Kahleesi through a Facebook group, after searching for an OTTB for a few weeks. The Retired Racehorse Project in Kentucky really intrigued Lindsey and she wanted to find the right horse to work with over 2015 to train up for the competition, but also to be an excellent partner for jumpers and obstacle challenges.

When she arrived at PHH shekahleesi horse hug settled in quickly and was a sweet heart. During her first training session she played the first 5 Parelli games and showed us she is actually pretty introverted and needs a lot of time to think. She is incredibly sweet and willing and reacted to all of the new cues with a calm thinking attitude. The only thing she was really unsure about was the wiggle to back up and rubbing the carrot stick all over her.

Even James says “I like this horse, she is smart.”

Her second training session continued to progress really well and she played all Parelli 7 games very well and is making great progress. Lindsey is really focusing on ground work and making a great connection and language with Kahleesi before getting to riding.

Kahleesi has progressed so well in her ground games that Lindsey did a first ride with her on February 10th, 2015 and she was fantastic. She was a bit tense and thinking ‘go’ but was very well behaved and listening. Lindsey is going to work on building relaxation in the saddle.

kahleesi horse on water rideKahleesi started her first clinics in May. She participated in the Mountain Trail clinic May 9, 2015 at PHH where she tried some new obstacles and showed us she has a lot of potential but also needs a lot of confidence. On the May long weekend she went to the Cowboy Dressage clinic with Parelli Professional Don Halladay and showed us she loves dressage and is very talented – she was also scared of the speaker system 🙂 Read more about the clinic experience here.

Lindsey showed Kahleesi in many obstacle and extreme cowboy shows over the summer where Kahleesi placed extremely well. She then showed with Lindsey at the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover 2015 at the Kentucky Horse Park and won the trail division, was 3rd in freestyle and was crowned America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred.

After Kentucky she went with Lindsey to the Royal Winter Fair to do demonstrations in the Spirit of the Horse Ring. She became a super star and was doing bridleless demos in front of hundreds of people.

Read about Kahleesi (Soar) winning the 2015 Makeover here: http://www.horsechannel.com/horse-news/2015/11/meet-americas-most-wanted-thoroughbred.aspx

For 2016, Kahleesi and Lindsey started off with a lot of exciting adventures – travelling to North Carolina to be filmed for the movie Unbridled, a side trip to Florida to ride on the beach, be in a workshop with Karen Rolph, a lesson at the Parelli Centre, and a lesson with Tik Maynard. April 1st-3rd taking part in demonstrations, riding with Susan Harris, and competing in Extreme Cowboy racing at Can Am Equine Show.

Now Kahleesi is part of the lesson program at PHH – she teaches students a lot of amazing things because she is so well trained and has lots of skills. She has competed with students in jumpers and even won a jumper mini prix with Lindsey in 2016. She is continuing to be a nice lesson horse for intermediate students that are ready to learn about bending, lateral work, liberty, or more advanced skills as Kahleesi has a lot to teach.


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