Sex: gelding


Birthday: May 10, 2000

Breed: AQHA, Registered Registered Name: CQ Coosino Gold (3941771 ) His Dam is a palomino named Elle Razzledazzle, his sire was a black stallion named Coosino.

Colour: Palomino

Use: lessons/ trails (he is an expert guide horse on trails and superman when it comes to obstacle challenges)

Best Friends: Kahleesi and Nava


What’s Interesting: He has had an interesting past and was given to PHH because he was too aggressive with other horses.

What he likes: Being told he’s a good boy.

Talents: He is smart and tries hard. He is amazing and sensitive to ride and play with.

What Lindsey Says: “I am so excited about this horse – I haven’t been this excited since my first horse, Mission!”


buttonphotosHe has a bit of a past all over the place – being mistreated at one owner and being bounced around a bit from one place to the next. He is very well trained and tries hard but he does get worried easily. He had a history of bucking in the past, but since he found natural horsemanship he has not bucked.

He was loved and retrained by Leanne and attended Parelli clinics with him. She made fantastic progress and did a lot of developing with him. Unfortunately he didn’t work out at her farm with only a few horses – he was getting very bossy and aggressive with her other horses.

That’s when he came to PHH. He instantly became a farm favourite with his gorgeous looks and patient personality. The camp kids lavished him with attention for braiding, painting, and bathing. He is a great horse for that because he is patient and stands quietly.

He learnt to jump and has competed as some jumper shows. Lindsey and Dreamer competed in the Sky Haven Mini Prix in 2015 and placed 2nd together (Lindsey and Thetis placed 1st). We also discovered he loves swimming and is very happy to go in the water. He really is a dream to play with and ride – he is only suitable for advanced students because he is so sensitive to cues it wouldn’t be fair to put a beginner on him that would accidentally ‘press his buttons’.

He’s been enjoyed doing a variety of things with his part boarder of 2014, PHH coach, Danica. Together they rocked the Extreme Cowboy Challenge at PHH and the horse shows at PHH getting many champion titles and went to the Uxbridge Fair’s Obstacle challenge and placed 10th out of 30 very good horse and rider teams!

In 2015 he started Extreme Cowboy racing and obstacle shows with both Lindsey and youth student Franny. He showed us he is a natural placing 1st at his first 3 obstacle shows with Lindsey and placing 3rd at the Regional finals for Extreme Cowboy Racing with Lindsey in the Pro division and 2nd with Franny in the Youth Division.

In 2016 Franny started partboarding Dreamer and plan to compete in Extreme Cowboy racing together.

Dreamer also took part in his first movie – Unbridled. He had to play dead, rear, and run through open meadows for the filming. Check out his YouTube videos below from 2016 to see all the fun!

In 2017 he was filmed for Autumn Stables and The Farmer and the Belle. He also won the youth Extreme Cowboy Regional Champs with Franny.


  • Watch Dreamer’s YouTube playlist: click here
  • 2016 What is it like to film a movie? Highlights and stories from Unbridled: click here
  • 2016 Beach Riding in Floriday: click here
  • 2016 Dreamer and his actress ‘Tea McKay’ for the first time practicing for Unbridled: click here
  • 2016 Dreamer in the first days practicing for Unbridled: click here
  • 2016 Dreamer learning to run for the movie Unbridled: click here
  • 2016 Dreamer learning to play dead: click here
  • 2016 Dreamer does his 2nd practice rearing Unbridled, before heading down: click here
  • 2016 Dreamer practicing tricks rear and kiss for Unbridled: click here
  • 2016 Goals and some ‘beginning’ footage: click here
  • 2015 Safety & Horses Video: click here
  • 2015 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: click here
  • 2015 Extreme Cowboy Highlights with 13 yr old student Franny: click here
  • 2015 Extreme Cowboy Provincial Finals at Norwood (he won 3rd): click here
  • 2015 Extreme Cowboy Race at Ancaster Fair (he won 1st): click here
  • 2015 Obstacle Challenge at Turkey Run (he won 1st): click here
  • 2015 Obstacle Challenge at Uxbridge Fair (he won 1st): click here
  • 2015 Summer Camp Musical Ride: click here
  • 2015 Horse Agility and Obstacle Show at High Spirit Farm: click here
  • 2015 Sky Haven Jumper Jackpot (he won 2nd): click here
  • 2015 Oakridges Hunter Schooling Show: click here


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