Name: Angelangelnoodles

Sex: Mare

Height: 15.2H

Birthday: born 2006

Breed: Quarter Horse (not registered)

Colour: Chestnut with a blaze, 2 stockings

Use: Lessons, trails, with beginners

Best Friends: Shawna, Shania, and Allure

Horsenality: Right/Left Brain Introvert (more left brained)

Parelli Level: She is playing in level 2

What’s Interesting: Angel got her name because when Lindsey first played with her she fell in love with her Angel like personality.

What She likes: Grooming – Angel loves a good groom and scratch

Talents: Pleasure riding and trails

What Lindsey Says: “I really like this horse! She has been an absolute angel to work with so far. My first time playing with her she was very easy and cooperative to play with, and my first time riding her she was lovely and we did walk, trot, canter.”

buttonphotosInformation: Angel was purchased by Lindsey in early November 2012. Angel had been started as a 3 year old and then was purchased by a family home and didn’t do any riding except pony rides for the kids.

Lindsey restarted Angel in early November and it didn’t take long at all for Angel to become a favourite at the farm. She is naturally very quiet and slow, which makes her a great fit as a lesson horse. She is also comfortable and not too bouncy.

angel2girlsAngel started being used in lessons near the end of November and connected really well with an 11 yr old and an adult rider!

Angel has such a relaxed nature about her that she was able to ride bareback with just her halter… and then the ‘sisters’ Paige & Sarah were able to enjoy her riding double bareback!

Angel is the type of horse that gives Quarter Horse’s their excellent name – being really quiet, reliable, safe, and dependable.


angeljumpAngel has shown us over summer camp 2013 that she really enjoys trail rides and jumping – she was such a happy horse out on the trails and proved to be such a reliable trail horse.

Angel became pregnant in the summer of 2013! She had a beautiful foal, Gaia on earth day in April, 2014. Gaia is now owned and loved by former staff, Jesse, now of Nature’s Run Equestrian. Gaia is a gorgeous and friendly foal.

Angel began work again in mid July. She started with the basics and doing some easy lessons with beginners in walk/trot. As the summer progress she started back to her full skills and began jumping again too. She is now back to the full swing of things and is a farm favourite for trails, jumping, and lessons. She quickly has gained some students that have fallen in love with her and particpates in a variety or lessons and trails. She loves to go swimming and enjoys going in very deep to the water!


  • Summer Camp Musical Ride 2015 (Angel is the only chestnut in the video with 2 white hind socks and a blaze): click here


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