Registered Name: unknown

Sex: Gelding

Height: 15.2H

Born: 2002

AllurecanterinfieldBreed: Registered Paint (I know its weird)

Colour: Black

Use: Lessons, trail riding, jumping

Best Friends: Rose, Shania, Shawna

Horsenality: Left Brain Introvert/Extrovert (he’s pretty borderline)

Parelli Level: He’s playing in Level 3

What’s Interesting: Allure is actually a registered paint – which is hard to believe because he doesn’t have any paint like markings at all… but apparently thats the truth! However, the previous owner has never contacted us back with his registered name or papers…. we don’t really know for sure.

What He Likes: Allure is a suck for attention. He will great you at the paddock gate and enjoy spending hours with you while you pay attention to him.

Talents: Allure is a really easy going guy – no matter what we try with him he gives it his best and takes it all in stride.

What Lindsey Says: “I really fell in love with Allure. He is so gorgeous and looks like black beauty, but he also has a super sweet personality to match. He is so easy going and has been a true gem. He loves the trails and really loves to splash! I look forward to seeing many fantastic things from him in the future.”

buttonphotosInformation: Allure was used as a companion horse and was mainly a pet at a small hobby farm. He came to us green broke. His previous owner decided to part with him because Allure wasn’t working out at the farm and he didn’t have a job.

When he arrived at our farm his training began right away. His first session he did walk, trot, canter and was really easy to train. He looked around a bit and occasionally got confused, but he was really good natured.

AllureupclosewithcowsHe received enough training that he was used in the 2nd week of 2012 summer camp. He partnered up with one of the advanced campers really well and together they swam, did trails, barrel racing, and jumping!

Allure is a fantastic horse with a great personality. Allure is very polite and a gentleman for being handled and ridden.

Allure is a funny horse to be around because is very talkative. As soon as he sees you coming into the barnyard he will neigh at you, and whenever a horse comes or goes he will always knicker and greet them. He really likes to be involved with whatever is happening around the farm!

Lindsey has since taken him to London for a Parelli clinic with Well reknowned Professional Don Halladay where Allure participated in a Level 3/4 clinic and even did some cow wrangling!

Allure is continuing to be a farm favourite and takes part in many PHH activities including trail rides, jumping, camps, clinics, and even shows!

He is a very smart boy and does really well with ground games and obstacle courses. He has a fun personality. He loves to learn new things, and he doesn’t like to do a lot of repetition – he is definitely a Left brain extrovert but he can get a bit introverted if thinks what we are doing is boring.

Allure did his first offsite show with Danica at Pause Awhile on March 2, 2014 – everyone thought he was such a stunning boy. He was fantastic in his jumping and despite some wrong canter leads did quite well, managing a 5th in a very large class. For the flat class he was pretty worried – he’d never seen so many horses cantering around at once (very large class in a very large ring). He pretty much froze in place while canter was going on so Danica rode him in some walk circles in the centre of the ring to help him relax. Overall he did really well and we look forward to seeing how improves with more experience!

Allure has been swimming, trail riding, and enjoying lessons with PHH. He is best for novice level or higher students because he has so many ‘buttons’ that beginners just frustrate him. He is a very willing and forgiving horse though that he is such a good teacher of the advanced tasks like sideways, haunch and forehand turns.

In 2015 he participated in a few obstacle shows with his part boarder, Yvonne. He did very well with lots of champion and reserve titles.


  • 2015 Summer Camp Musical Ride: click here
  • 2015 Horse Agility and Obstacle Show at High Spirit Farm: click here


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