Name: Kalila (HT Supersharp Fashion)

#: 1044535

Sex: Mare

Height: 14H

Birthday: June 14, 2014

Breed: Registered Paint

Colour: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Use: In training with Lindsey

Best Friends: Blizz

Horsenality: Right Brain Introvert

What’s Interesting: She is a registered paint and came from Alberta

What she likes: Cookies


Information: Kalila came from Alberta. Her sire is HT Titan Pocodee Top, and her dam is HT Titan Tippy Chick.

She started some training and all of her sessions were filmed right up until she started under saddle and was riding walk/trot. Now she is getting more time to grow up in spring/early summer 2018 and won’t be finished under saddle until she is 4yrs old and has had a chance to fully grown.

You can watch Kalila’s training sessions and see how Harmony Horsemanship was used to start her under saddle by enrolling here. 



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