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Corgi Agreement

  1. Corgi Details/Options: This agreement is for the option to purchase a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Partridge Horse Hill (PHH). The Corgi will be a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi by Quigley Fuzzy Bear (AKC and CKC registered) or Pancake (registered AKC, family name is Thorgi), and you choose either ‘normal fur coat’ out of either Molly Butter Fox (AKC and CKC registered) or Gentle Lona Bear (ACA registered), or ‘fluffy coat’ our of Eevee (not registered) or Felicity (AKC registered).

You specify what you think you are looking for, you are able to change your mind later, it just helps us let other people on the list know how many people are looking for female/male etc.




*PHH promotes keeping the tails because cutting the tail off is only done for cosmetic purposes and is completely unnecessary. Removing tails needs to be done before 5 days old and thus we do not guarantee that puppies will have tails done for each litter. There is an extra cost for tails being cut.

2. SERVICE PROVIDED: The sale of the Corgi puppy includes a minimum of one veterinarian health check, first vaccinations, and deworming.

3. DATES OF SERVICE and WAITLING LIST PROCESS: Below are the following steps and process for the application and waiting list process:


‘Normal Coat’ cost of the Corgi puppy is $1300 Canadian including spay/neuter & first Rabies vaccination fees (see more details below).  ‘Fluffy Coat’ cost of Corgi puppy is $1750 Canadian including spay/neuter & first Rabies vaccination fees (see more details below).

Your choice:   

Buyers that request a tail doc will pay an additional $200 due after puppies are born but before tails are done. The sale amount is to be paid with a non-refundable $100 Canadian deposit paid in cash, e-transfer or cheque. The remaining amount of $1200/1650 is due when a Corgi choice has been confirmed. The remaining amount can be paid by e-transfer or paypal. In the unlikely event PHH discontinues breeding, the deposit will be refunded. PHH guarantees there are no liens/loans against the Corgi.

Spay/Neuter: It is recommended by veterinarians to spay/neuter family pets. PHH supports this and will reimburse you for the cost to spay/neuter your puppy to a maximum cost of $250. After the procedure is completed, email the receipt and veterinarian information to PHH. PHH will verify the details and then will reimburse for the cost via etransfer or cheque made payable to the buyer.

Rabies Vaccine: It is recommended by veterinarians to vaccinate for rabies. PHH supports this and will reimburse you for the first rabies vaccination to a maximum of $50. After the procedure is completed, email the receipt and veterinarian information to PHH. PHH will verify the details and then will reimburse for the cost via etransfer or cheque made payable to the buyer.

Reimbursed medical costs (Spay/Neuter/Rabies Vaccine) are only for those stated above by licensed veterinarians for the puppy purchased from this agreement, by the buyer of the puppy in this agreement (i.e PHH will not reimburse for vaccines/spay/neuter on a dog not purchased from this agreement, nor if you give the puppy away to someone else). There will be no reimbursement if the veterinarian/procedure information cannot be confirmed.

  1. TRUE INFORMATION: PHH guarantees the information provided is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. PHH guarantees the Corgi parents are not kennel bred, and that the Corgi parents are kept as family dogs, living in the house with the family and socialized as family pets. All Corgi puppies born at PHH will be socialized, cuddled, kissed, and loved while in care at PHH.
  2. SERVICES NOT INCLUDED: Transportation of the Corgi is not included – the buyer must be present to pick up the Corgi. Any medical/health exams, procedures, vaccinations, or medications provided after the Corgi pick up date are at the expense and responsibility of the buyer (except Spay/Neuter and first Rabies vaccination as mentioned under Costs).
  3. LIABILITY: The owner/buyer does not hold Partridge Horse Hill, Lindsey Partridge, James Partridge, family, friends, helpers, or employees accountable for any damage/injury/death that may arise to human, animal, or property while on PHH property or from the Corgi purchased from PHH. The buyer is responsible for carrying any insurance they desire for the Corgi. Client/family/friends enter PHH at their own risk, are responsible for their own safety. The buyer understands that PHH is an equestrian facility and farm with animals and farm machinery that live/operate on the property.
  4. PICTURES AND VIDEOS: PHH may use pictures/videos/names of the Corgi for promotional purposes, videos, blog, social media, etc including media that is monetized.
  5. HEALTH GUARANTEE: PHH guarantees the Corgi will receive a health check from a veterinarian and any health concerns will be notified to the buyer. The buyer can choose to have any exam reports forwarded to their personal vet at no cost (if applicable). The buyer can choose to follow up with their own personal veterinarian for further consultation/exam of the Corgi at their own cost. The buyer has 14 days (2 weeks) after the Corgi pick up date to complete any health exams. If there are any potential health concerns identified by a veterinarian, the buyer will notify PHH and can choose to keep the Corgi or pass and return the Corgi, which they will then be returned to the waiting list. If returning the Corgi, the medical information from the veterinarian will be forwarded to PHH (or PHH’s veterinarian). PHH guarantees that the parents of the Corgi are in good health as deemed by a veterinarian, receive routine medical care as recommended by a veterinarian, and have no health risks/issues to contradict breeding as informed by a veterinarian.
  6. BUYER’S COMMITMENT: The buyer enters this agreement with the intent to keep the Corgi as a family pet for life. In the event the buyer can no longer keep the Corgi, they will first notify PHH and offer PHH the opportunity to take the Corgi back at no cost. If PHH cannot take the Corgi back, PHH will assist in the rehoming of the Corgi and the buyer guarantees to inform PHH of where the Corgi is rehomed and that the Corgi will only be given to a family and not be surrendered to a pound, foster home, kennel, slaughter, or animal testing.
  7. LEGAL COMMUNICATION: communication in the format of email or written letter will be considered legal and binding.

 If you would like to buy more than 1 corgi puppy (in which case a $100 deposit is required for each) please write that information here along with any other special details you would like us to know:

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