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Code of Conduct

Partridge Horse Hill (PHH) has demonstrated their commitment to a significant standard of safety and care for their clients and horses.

As a participant, however, you must also take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you at the farm.
1. Always wear your helmet while riding. Legislation requires all persons under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while riding a horse, but a helmet makes good sense and helps keep all riders safe.
2. Wear proper hard-soled boots with a heel no less than 1.5cm in height when riding. This is also a legal requirement for riders under the age of 18, but is sensible and safer for all riders.
3. Tack must fit the horse and be in good working condition.
4. Children under the age of 7 years will ride on a lead line until a qualified coach determines that they can safely ride independently.
5. Riders under the age of 17 years should not ride without supervisions and/or parental knowledge and approval.
6. Riders under the age of 17 should not ride bareback without supervision and/or parental knowledge and approval.
7. All riders must check the condition of their horse (including feet/shoes) before riding. A horse should not be ridden if it is lame, appears injured or within 24 hours after receiving inoculations.
8. All riders are strongly encouraged to wear a protective vest when riding a cross country course, and safety vests are encouraged for trail riding and other riding.
9. Gates and doors to riding areas should be closed when they are in use.
10. Maximum of one rider per horse unless special circumstance arise and supervision of a qualified coach are instructing.
11. Riders should properly store their equipment in a safe place before and after they ride, ensuring aisles and paths are kept clear and safe.
12. All tack and equipment used will be treated with care and returned to its proper location after use.
13. All participants will use a natural horsemanship approach.
14. All participants will ask for help when they are unsure.
15. Participants will not tie their horse (you can fake tie or hold the lead rope).
16. Participants will remember horse safety rules (no running/yelling around horses, be aware of horse’s personal space, stay out of kicking distance, etc).
17. All riders will follow the Partridge Horse Hill reminders posted around the facility.

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