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Event Agreement with Lindsey

Appearances with Lindsey Partridge

1. AGREEMENT: This agreement is for Lindsey Partridge to attend an event hosted by the event organizer (called the host).

2. SERVICE PROVIDED: Please discuss details directly with Lindsey Partridge to confirm activities for the event.

3. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE HOST: It is highly recommended the event have an indoor location available in case there is adverse weather. It is highly recommended to have a sound system with a wireless headset.
The host is responsible for all aspects related to the event including but not limited to: advertising, receiving registration, ensuring the facility is adequate (washrooms, food, etc), etc.
Some helpful tips:
• Average pricing participants $150/day for a one day clinic or $250-300 for a 2 day clinic, $125 for a private session, and $25-50 to audit (watch) per day.
• Usually a maximum of 6 people in a group at one time. 30 minutes of private instruction can be ideal for people with a specific task they would like help with.
• The most popular format for workshops is:
o 8:30-10am Classroom learning
o 10am – 10:15am break
o 10:15am-11:15am group A ground work
o 11:15-12:30pm group B ground work
o 1230-1:30pm lunch
o 1:30-2pm Classroom/discussion
o 2-3pm group A ground work/riding
o 3-4pm group B ground work/riding
o 4pm wrap up/discussion/questions

Please indicate the date(s) of your event:   
Please indicate the location of your event:   

If Lindsey is flying in for a clinic, it is the responsibility of the host to provide transport from the airport to the host facility or provide a car rental/taxi.
A place needs to be provided for Lindsey to stay. This can be at the host’s home, hotel, bed & breakfast, or other guest home. If a hotel/accommodation needs to be booked/paid for it is the responsibility of the host. The accommodation needs to have Wi-Fi, a bathroom/shower, and bed.
Either food needs to be provided to Lindsey, or the ability (time and access) to go purchase food/prepare.
Lindsey does not have any dietary restrictions – she loves vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, fish, potatoes, rice, and generally eats ‘healthy’ and tries to avoid a lot of gluten/high starch foods/sugar.

7. LIABILITY: The host does not hold Partridge Horse Hill (PHH), Harmony Horsemanship (HH), Lindsey Partridge, James Partridge, family, friends, helpers, or employees accountable for any damage(s) to the horse/pony, barn, facility, or any other damage/injury/death that may arise to human, animal, or property. PHH carries liability insurance. Lindsey Forkun, Lindsey Partridge, PHH, HH, family, friends, and/or employees are in no way responsible for any remuneration for any damage of any kind. A liability waiver must also be completed by the host and any person who wishes to participate in activities involving horses.

8. PICTURES AND VIDEOS: Lindsey Partridge may use/take pictures/videos during the event for promotional purposes, training videos, blog etc. This media may be used in print/video for
education/monetized content and the host/people/horses in the footage will not receive remuneration.

9. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Written communication will be in the format of email, text, or written letter. Written communication will be considered valid.

10. SIGNATURES: By signing this agreement you agree to these terms. The boarder/owner information is stated below:
Lindsey Partridge

Host information:

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Signed by Lindsey Partridge
Signed On: January 9, 2019

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